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UnCategorized In this world of fierce competition, where numerous players are offering their products and services to potential customers, things are quite difficult, especially for the new entrants in the market. Advertising is an important means of placing yourself apart from other competitors in the field. A very traditional method that is still considered to be one of the best means of publicising your product, is through advertising outdoors. This form of advertising has existed for many years, and is still extremely effective in the world around us today. With so many new inventions and techniques in modern media, this form of advertising has reached new technological heights and has attracted a broader audience range. This form of advertising offers several advantages to those who are setting up new companies. The advantages include: Continuous advertising – Advertising through television, radio, printed advertisements and many other mediums are all short-lived and sporadic. Advertising any product or service via outdoors means that the advertisement has a continuous daily and nightly exposure to the eyes of the public. Outdoor advertising is not temporary and periodic, but is consistent and regular. It is always available to be viewed by the public during any part of the day and any season of the year. Cost effective means of advertising – Advertising outdoors is the most cost effective way of advertising your product and reaching the minds of your potential customers. The expenditure involved in this kind of advertising is eighty percent less than that of television advertisements, sixty percent less when compared to print advertisements and fifty percent less when compared to radio advertising. New entrants in any field of business should opt for this form of advertising, as cash is required in other components of business in the beginning. Attention Span – In today’s busy life most people don’t have a lot of time for watching television or reading magazines. With heavy traffic on the roads, people spend most of their time stuck in traffic. For such people waiting at bus stops or in jams, outdoor advertisements are good to look at and pass time. Most people fix their eyes on outdoor advertisement boards and hoarding to avoid boredom. Thus, positioning advertisements at busy intersections, bus stops, and along highways can be quite profitable for new entrants. Flexibility – Outdoor advertisements can be flexibly placed in any areas according to the space that is available. The placement of the ad will depend upon the kind of product or service that is being advertised. For instance, a company entering the field of selling whole foods should consider placing a commercial at the Farmer’s Market. A new disco or night club will reach its potential customers by placing an outdoor advertisement outside a popular and expensive restaurant. The people coming for early diners might just be looking for entertainment after dinner. If the same advertisement is printed in a newspapers or magazine, it will not be as effective as you will more than likely be unable to obtain and hold the attention of target customers. Use of new technology – Using the latest technology, advertising outdoors is becoming more attractive every day and is sure to attract the right customers for new players in any market. With so many benefits, outdoor advertising seems to be the most feasible and advantageous alternative for publicising products for novices in any business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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