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Sports-and-Recreation Scott Gomez was the 27th pick of the 1998 NHL entry draft. Drafted by the New Jersey Devils, Gomez skipped the AHL and went from being a "108 point in 58 game hockey sensation" in the WHL in 1998-1999 to a "Stanley Cup winning NHL rookie of the year" the next year. Gomez would spend his next six NHL seasons with the New Jersey Devils winning his second Stanley Cup during that span. During the lockout Gomez went back home to Alaska and played for the Aces in the East Coast Hockey League. During the 2007 off-season Scott Gomez was seduced by an attractive Glen Sather offer to go to the arch rival New York Rangers as an unrestricted free agent. Gomez spent the next two seasons in New York with the Rangers. Scott Gomez was acquired by the Montreal Canadiens from the New York Rangers just several days before free agent frenzy day in 2009. The trade consisted of Tom Pyatt, Scott Gomez and Mike Busto for Chris Higgins, rights to defenceman Doug Janik and some highly regarded prospects Pavel Valentenko and Ryan McDonaugh. Supposedly Ryan Mcdonaugh didn’t want to play in Canada so it worked out well that he was traded. Everyone seemed very overwhelmed with the Scott Gomez contract when he arrived in Montreal. It was the biggest contract ever for a Montreal Canadiens player, a hefty 51.5 million 7 year contract. Scott Gomez’s salary works out to about 7.4 million dollars (not pesos) per year. Gomez had several great years production wise where he scored 70 or more points. Realistically the current Gomez will score 50 to 60 points per season. Gomez is one of the most talented playmakers in the NHL, capable of making mind blowing, tape to tape passes. When watching Scott Gomez play you will inevitably see him start from his own zone(maybe behind his own .) and criss cross his skates from east to west or west to east to build up speed and fly through the neutral zone almost as if he was galloping on the ice. It’s amazing how easily Scott Gomez is able to gain the blue line when he does this. Gomez has a short fuse and does not shy away from trash talk and giving his opponents the business even though he is a small 5 feet 11 inches in stature. Some of Scott’s strengths include his intelligence and patience with the puck. He is capable of waiting that extra second while things open up, Gomez sees the ice very well. Because Gomez is such a great playmaker he is an asset on the powerplay. Gomez’s speed and amazing puck control at full speed is another one of his talents. He also excels with his leadership skills. The weaknesses of Scott Gomez include his inability to score goals given his top tier minutes. Gomez has no knack for scoring whatsoever. Besides his one NHL season when he scored 35 goals, Gomez has never passed the 20 goal mark in a season. Defense has never been Scott Gomez’s strength, he is an on and off plus-minus player. Gomez has his own hockey foundation in Anchorage Alaska. After wearing number 91 throughout the 2009-2010 season in Montreal, Gomez now wears number 11; a number he used to wear as a child. He was going to wear it during the 2009-2010 season but thought it best to hold off due to Saku Koivu’s departure from the Montreal Canadiens. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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