Science fiction comics sub film starring Sato Takeru haywire

"Science fiction comics" sub shot live movie starring Sato Takeru Sina entertainment news "Asian" science fiction comics upcoming movie, "Bayside" this g directed by Sato Takeru as the protagonist in the film Yong Jing gui. This director Sato Takeru "seemingly callous and optimistic, but in fact there is a cavity blood", the "Asian" temperament and hero perfect fit. The movie also co star Sato Takeru made to fine tune the original design, is a 17 year old Yong Jing GUI senior high school students, but in the movie was set for a 26 year old doctor training. It is reported that the film will also contain some original version of the story. The movie "sub" in action scenes will account for about 80% of the proportion, Sato Takeru is expected to abandon the double challenge and he personally, because of outstanding performance in the "Rurouni Kenshin" by the director of high hopes. Cartoon film adaptation is common in Japan, but there are many cases of failure. Sato Takeru said about two years ago received the invitation, then read the original "sub", soon discovered the reality of the meaning of "the characteristics of sub life, create unprecedented action movies". The director of the Guangzhou "Bayside" series starring Sato Takeru and "Rurouni Kenshin" are very popular, whether the cooperation will create two new popular works? Live version of the sub is expected to release in 2017, let us wait and see. (Koyo) (commissioning editor: litchi)相关的主题文章:


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