Science and technology to replace the cost of economic development, everyone may become the proletar

Science and technology to replace the cost of economic development, everyone could become a proletarian – Sohu technology [Technews] science news for most people, a stable, well paid job almost determines the quality of life, but today the globalization and the development of science and technology makes the work of structural change, to achieve this goal and work has become increasingly blurred. Part of the decline in unemployment and income is due to technology, science and technology to reduce dependence on human beings, but also to make a lot of work to technology. Satyajit Das in MarketWatch wrote that the robot and complex computer equipment to replace skilled workers, computer software is now replacing reporters, financial market traders have been replaced by automatic algorithms. In late twentieth Century, the developed countries have low wage workers to replace the expensive human, originally only occurred in the manufacturing of low skilled workers and high skilled workers now, to services and professional work. Communication technology developed, initially to promote the production of re layout, and now such as programming, construction, accounting, legal services, and even medical services can be regional. Combined with remote control, originally used in military equipment technology, is now available in the remote control of the production line and mining work. These changes will reduce the income and job opportunities, after deducting inflation factors, and the median salary in 1975 today the United States no two, Japan and Germany, the average family income of more than ten years of stagnation, the U.S. factory revenue since 1970 have not been increased. Now all the work, whether it is a low tech or high tech, are facing John Maynard Keynes called "technical unemployment". Yale University survey found that 47% of the world’s work has been automated threats. Many people who support the development of science and technology believe that the new industry will create more jobs, the replacement will find a job, but this is not the case. The number of people working in the technology industry is still a minority, only 5-6%, in the United States, after 2000 only 0.5% of the work. Only 1.8% of Silicon Valley workers are employed in new industries. One reason is that many of the new industries are not labor intensive industries, even if the workers are outsourced to cheaper countries, such as Google global employees are only 60 thousand people. Many non voluntary unemployment people are impossible to find a new job, a textile factory or assembly plant labor may not re invest their own knowledge of labor, science and technology become professionals, biological engineering, financial planning or other professional personnel. Education is not a guarantee of employment, training costs more and more high, so many people with debt, many graduates are unable to find work in the field of undergraduate, and also start at 10-12% lower than five years ago. Labor mobility is also limited by family, society, and finance. Globalization has never encouraged people to move freely, but is limited by capital, goods and services. As a matter of fact, liquidity is only available to a small number of technical individuals who can use their abilities and training to find greater opportunities and greater rewards in the global marketplace. Even if it is feasible, this is too相关的主题文章:


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