Say to you will broadcast Shawn Yue and Rong Yang through the wind and rain

"Say to you" will be broadcast Shawn Yue Rong Yang after the rain "I love to say to you" posters "I love to say to you" creative photo Sina entertainment news by director Tian Shaobo, Shawn Yue, Rong Yang [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Pan Yanfei, Zhu Yilong and starring the "I love you" the upcoming broadcast of the drama story, urban emotional entanglements and expected to touch one deeply in the heart. In the play, Shawn Yue played by Ding Fule, and the role of the play is a pair of co – venture, together with the struggle, the couple through the wind and rain of the, and then play the role of the role of the. The play to two people’s emotional development as the main line, showing the contemporary youth in the community, family, work and other factors, the treatment of friendship, affection, love, choice and choice. The play tells the story was born in an ordinary family, aspiring college body joy not willing to go because centime parents arrange life and choose their own businesses, to get out of their own future. But in the entrepreneurial process encountered many difficulties and hardships, setbacks, was father forced not love with the girl he married with cloud. The cause of the feelings in the trough period of Ding Fule met Shang Jiujiu single two rich generation is 99, has been accompanied by his side, and with his deep and unrequited love to help him out of trouble, eventually two people get married, Ding Fule also by virtue of their wisdom and ability to realize their ambition of life. All 99 of the returnees are Kulian male Fan Wei of the own life completely around Shang Jiujiu, but this experience, he finally broke through the shackles of feelings, let go of the 99 feelings, also re-examine their business at the same time, efforts to find their true love. The whole story is based on the background of youth entrepreneurship, which reflects the social status and spirit of contemporary young people. "My love to you" will be on the TV screen. Several young people in the play is about to wipe out what kind of spark? How do these paragraphs, the ups and downs of the striking one snag after another love story ending? In their respective life on the road to pay what kind of efforts, but also how to stick to their dreams and to fight for it? Please look forward to "my love to you" broadcast on the day! (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章:


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