Sanya two exhibition operators on suspicion of false propaganda group complaints will be investigate happynewyear

Sanya two exhibition operators on suspicion of false propaganda group complaints will be investigated and cheated! "The Magic Kingdom" is not "Fantasy Kingdom" no elf Sanya two exhibition operator is suspected of false propaganda, causing mass complaints, will be strictly and severely punished a reporter yesterday from Sanya city Industrial and Commercial Bureau was informed that the National Day "Golden Week" period, Sanya marine water mother Kingdom (referred to as the "Magic Kingdom"), Sanya city the Elven Kingdom ("kingdom") operator reported suspected of false propaganda to deceive consumers. Provincial Party committee, Sanya municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Qi attaches great importance to identified as a group of complaints, the first time requires close cooperation with the relevant departments to crack down on illegal business practices. October 2nd, the Sanya Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce has set up a task force to investigate, with the tourism police detachment, soldiers were divided into two kinds of "Fantasy Kingdom" and "Elven kingdom" for surprise checks. Reporter Xu Yifan "Magic Kingdom" propaganda called free admission, but consumers have to buy tickets according to the introduction, "Magic Kingdom" Chen Moudi operators did not apply in the case of a business license, signed a temporary promotion contract with a large mall, the mall rented 1 floor of 350 square meters to the southeast corner to carry out the "Magic Kingdom" exhibition. The parties in order to obtain more trade opportunities and strive for more interests, through the WeChat network platform and posters, deep into the Sanya city schools, kindergarten publicity, to attract the majority of students and parents to consumption, billed as "the top 300 consumers can scan two-dimensional code free admission", consumers are actually present tickets, and inconsistent with the actual content of the content of the exhibition publicity. Such conduct is a false and misleading propaganda, alleged false propaganda behavior. To the time of the incident, ‘dream kingdom’ to 20 yuan fare, sold 550 tickets, access to ticket revenue of $11000." Sanya city Industrial and Commercial Bureau relevant responsible person said, the parties Chen brother violation "unlicensed and banned procedures" article second "any unit or individual shall not violate the provisions of laws and regulations, engaged in unlicensed" and "Anti Unfair Competition Law" article ninth "operators may not use advertisement or other means, the quality of the merchandise, composition, performance, use, producer, expiration date, origin and other misleading false propaganda". At the same time, given the parties without a license, the false propaganda behavior, has triggered mass complaints, Sanya city Industrial and Commercial Bureau will be severely punished the parties." The person in charge said. In addition, a large shopping mall operator knows "Magic Kingdom" project license, still provide premises, suspected to provide convenience for others to engage in unlicensed business activities, according to the relevant provisions of the "Fifteenth way" unlicensed and banned the Sanya city industry and commerce authorities of the large business operators to carry out the corresponding punishment.相关的主题文章:


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