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UnCategorized Patients in Charlotte NC report excellent results with neck pain and chiropractic care as they experience significant decreases in pain and dis.fort, and noticeable improvements to their overall general health. Under the care of an experienced and gentle Charlotte chiropractor, you too can once again feel as good as you should. Your neck is not supposed to hurt Almost everyone has heard someone or something referred to as being a pain in the neck, implying that person or thing is something unpleasant or painful. The saying seems to suggest a pain in the neck is something we cannot avoid getting, nor can we do anything about it once we have it. If you experience neck pain, there is no reason for you to simply endure the pain. Pains in the neck are .mon, yes, but inevitable and untreatable? Not so, say the caring chiropractors in Charlotte NC. When your neck hurts Pain is not necessarily an ailment. Pain is a symptom that something is not right. Chiropractic care is best known for its safe and effective drug-free treatment of acute neck and back pain, and headaches too. A medical doctor might prescribe pain medicine, muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatory drugs, and an orthopedic doctor might suggest surgery, but a Charlotte chiropractor will treat your neck and back problems by hand, through manipulation of your spine, exercise, and other therapies based on a holistic assessment of your overall health and body mechanics. Charlotte connection between neck pain and chiropractic care The successful connection between neck pain and chiropractic care is characterized by the use of hands to treat and care for pain involving muscles, nerves and joints. A gentle chiropractic manipulation is often used to relieve neck pain by making small corrections in spinal alignment to loosen the joints in the neck. This chiropractic adjustment produces significant results for most patients. Also effective in manipulating vertebrae back into alignment are gentle thrusts by hand or with a hand tool. Charlotte chiropractors of .prehensive chiropractic care in Charlotte NC, provide an effective treatment for neck pain which seeks to relieve symptoms and also to correct the main source of your pain. Visit them online to learn more about their treatment protocol. Your neck is on the line The cervical, or neck, region of your spine provides a very wide range of motion and is therefore prone to injury from spinal misalignment. Carrying a chronic stiff neck or continuous neck pain can throw your body into stressful positions like shoulder hunching or leaning forward to walk, thereby causing new and equally painful problems. Neck pain often initiates headaches, allergies, feelings of fatigue, and a host of other .plaints which can be helped with chiropractic care. Neck pain and chiropractic care When you visit a Charlotte chiropractor for neck pain, they evaluate your entire spine, not just your cervical spine, to assess how well your body is functioning. For a doctor of chiropractic, eliminating pain it is not enough because symptoms often subside with treatment, before the initial problem has actually been corrected. Stopping treatment prematurely often leads to a relapse. Your chiropractor will prepare a plan to correct the problem causing your pain, explaining the plan and its ultimate goal to you. The plan will include spinal manipulation, to be sure, and will also likely include stretching and strengthening exercises, good nutrition, and stress management techniques. The holistic link between neck pain and chiropractic care is an obvious reason to consider calling an experienced Charlotte chiropractor when you are in pain. You do not have to settle for managing your neck pain with a handful of pills. Take charge of your health care in Charlotte NC for an examination, and see for yourself how neck pain and chiropractic care are your link to better health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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