Raiders of China’s ten major rafting Resorts vidalia

Raiders of the Chinese ten a world rafting rafting resort, the highest, the most difficult and most dangerous — the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon (Tibet. Linzhi) Tibet Brahmaputra River of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon on earth. The Grand Canyon River Gorge riverbed core no man’s land has a rare four falls, some of the main waterfall gap between 30-50 meters. From the mountains to Snow Canyon with low valley tropical monsoon forest and other 9 vertical zones, gathered a variety of biological resources, including the Tibetan Plateau known higher plant species in 23, 12 known mammals, insects and 45 known, Chinese known large fungi 35, called the world. The valley north of Milin County, the village of crossing card (elevation 2880 meters), South to Medog County Pasighat Village (elevation 115 meters), the Grand Canyon is 504.9 kilometers long, with an average depth of 5000 meters, the maximum depth of 6009 meters, is the world’s first grand canyon. The whole valley glaciers, cliffs, steep slope, debris flow and waves of the river intertwined, the environment is very harsh. In many areas is still not involved, which is called "Earth’s last fam", is one of the few blank area of geological work. The Grand Canyon is not only with its depth and width in the world the first gorge, with its rich scientific connotation and precious resources caused by the world’s attention of scientists, the world’s largest precipitation distribution in the Brahmaputra River Brahmaputra basin north of the world’s tropical climate zones and natural distribution in the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon; the world is on the brink of the ancient extinct species breeds in the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon; the world’s most abundant water resources, rare biological resources distribution in the Yarlung Zangbo Grand canyon…… Two, the most difficult to complete the drifting — the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River (Hubei. Yichang) West Three Gorges of the Yangtze River in Chongqing city of Fengjie County, east of Hubei city in Yichang Province, a total length of 205 km. From the west to the East are three major canyons: Qutang gorge, Wu Gorge and the Xiling gorge. Hence the name of the three gorges. The Three Gorges mountain cross-strait confrontation, steep cliffs, peaks generally 1000—1500 meters high above the river. The most narrow place less than one hundred meters. Because of the rising of the earth’s crust in the Three Gorges region, the Yangtze River water is strongly cut. Extremely rich in water resources. One of the most beautiful area is the gorge. Wu Gorge, Xiling gorge of Three Gorges of the Yangtze River by the Qutang gorge, Wu Gorge, Xiling gorge and the perfect combination, to construct a magnificent magnificent picture. The Qutang gorge mountain Xiongjun, hanging on the steep, such as axe cut into the mountain is called the world Kuimen magnificent, impregnable, hence the "world Kuimen male". There is a poem called "the water Fu million, a dispute at." The river water is urgent so far, Tao roar, a splendid sight. The Qing Dynasty poet He Mingli a poem written very aptly: "Kuimen pass line, Guaidan cross flow plug. The peak and off the boat trip from the cave". The deep gorge scenery, cross-strait mountainous graceful, mountains such as Dai; old ivy, fan was born in the rocks; this spring waterfall, hanging on the cliffs of diarrhea. In the gorge ship in the meantime, sad and depressed feeling, a sense of "Qushui man". The Wu Gorge is the most prestigious Wushan twelve peaks, among them, the Goddess Peak, the most charming, she stands beside a river, like a shade fitting landscape music相关的主题文章:


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