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PuYi’s dreams was re had night see dohihara – Beijing, "you don’t know PuYi" Author: Jia Yinghua "people’s Literature Publishing House published in June 2016 the last emperor PuYi as everyone knows the context of life, but many details have been submerged in history. What are the stories behind PuYi’s life? Which stories are closer to the historical truth? The expert Jia Yinghua took thirty years to interview more than and 300 people around Pu Yi, Han people know mining Puyi life behind the story, reveals the late Qing Dynasty palace unheard of historical details in the book for the first time disclosure of many precious photos and artifacts, let you see another point of puyi." Who knows, one dream to the throne Puyi, had just returned to the park, will be directly poured a pot of cold water "ghost", he completed the qualitative change in Tianjin. For Puyi life, the most significant events happened in Tianjin, than the night see dohihara". In fact, PuYi secretly from Tianjin to Changchun, not by chance. However, the key of which is Puyi in Tianjin night see dohihara "collogue. It happened on the night of November 2, 1931. Before this, PuYi and dohihara conversations have been through secretly brewing long. As early as the first came to Tianjin, he will continue to receive a call to help the restoration of the various characters. In 1930, he looked forward to a message from Pu jie. The "918 incident" in the first two months, Yoshioka Yasunao received in Tokyo Academy of learning Japanese reading Pu Jie invited, invited to his hometown of Kagoshima Pu Jie holiday. Before he left, Yoshioka Yasunao took him aside and mysteriously said to him: "after you return to Tianjin, if you see your brother Puyi, can tell him, Zhang Xueliang recently made northeast too outrageous, Manchuria is likely to major incidents. Please take care of the emperor, then maybe there can be hope!" According to Pu Jie memories, this sudden news, so that PuYi excited for several days. Soon, a Japanese Viscount come to visit them, giving a Japanese fan Pu Yi, the above rare inscribed poem: the day is empty when gou, no fan. In this regard, Pu Jie to Puyi explained that this is Japan’s northern and Southern Dynasties a loyal written in Cherry peel, secretly conveyed to the king lost Jiangshan poem, this implies that Puyi may stage a comeback. This dream also makes Puyi for several days did not sleep well. Afterwards, he in Zheng Xiaoxu’s diary, also found someone to Mukden, "seek restoration" records. Hear the "918 incident" of the news, so that the restoration is expected to Puyi, sent a few confidants separately for Japan the Zhuang fan generals and the Northeast Army chief. Can not wait for his back, but found he sent troops. On the day of September 30th, is tantamount to "double happiness for puyi". One thing is, Puyi saw Zheng Xiaoxu brought a newspaper, printed with characters from all walks of life to welcome the title: Qing emperor. He held in his hand, a long time is not willing to lay down. And the other thing is that the Japanese garrison command translation suddenly came to the park, claimed that the commander of the Tianjin Garrison Army)相关的主题文章:


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