Public officials use subsidy State regulations (video)

Public officials use subsidy? The national provisions of this original title: Zhuzhou public officials use subsidy? A day before the provisions of this country, the central and state organs at the same level of reform has been fully completed, 22 provinces have announced a bus subsidy standard. In addition to bus subsidies, do you know the public officials on the road during the accommodation, transportation, meals, etc. What are the criteria? Official car in 2014 issued on the comprehensive promotion of official vehicle system reform guidance: the abolition of the general public service vehicles, moderate payment of public transport subsidies. According to the provisions of the central and state organs standard car allowance, secretaries 1300 yuan per person per month, 800 yuan per person per month at the level, family level and below 500 yuan per person per month, local subsidies shall not exceed the standard of the standard 130%, standard frontier areas and other remote areas shall not be higher than 150%. From 22 to the current published bus subsidies, Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou are the top grid, subsidies is 1300 yuan standard 150% secretaries. It is worth mentioning that in Yunnan Province, level, level, level of subsidies are the highest value of the requirements of the central range. In the section on the wide coverage of subsidies, more than 600 yuan and not many places, only Yunnan, Guangxi, Chongqing, Shanxi, Henan, Liaoning and Zhejiang, Yunnan is still the top grid highest 750 yuan. Where these "clerks and clerks in Guangdong following the lowest subsidy forerunner", is the central half standard, 300 yuan and 250 yuan subsidy. Travel accommodation standards of the Ministry of Finance issued "on the staff of the central and state organs to local travel and accommodation fee schedule" the notification requirement, the ministerial level officials to travel to Beijing, accommodation standard daily limit of 1100 yuan, the secretaries to the daily limit of 650 yuan, other staff of the daily limit of 500 yuan. Ministerial level officials went to Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Dalian, Jilin and other places, the daily limit is 800 yuan per day. Click to enlarge the transportation fee in 2014 implementation of the "central and state organs travel management approach", have made clear provisions of the city transportation and city transportation. If you travel by plane, the provincial and ministerial level cadres can only sit first-class cabin, secretaries and other cadres economyclass. The train is slightly more complicated, the county level cadres and below the seat, hard sleeper seat, Taka Tetsuji etc.. Need to be reminded that, if the excessive ride by means of transportation, such as the county level cadres took the first class, then the difference needs to fill their own. On business trip, no need to take a taxi or bus. The traffic in the city, there is no difference between the different levels of cadres standard is 80 yuan a day for use. This cost is worth noting, for example, in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities on a business trip, the cost of a one-way taxi may be more than 80 yuan, before going to travel to calculate. Food standards can be found around the standard can be found, in addition to travel to Tibet, Qinghai and Xinjiang is set to 120 yuan a day, other local standards are mostly $100. "Party and government organs of domestic official reception management regulations," pointed out that due to the needs of the work, the reception unit can arrange a working meal, and strictly control the number of meals accompany. Reception on)相关的主题文章:


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