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Pu Jinhui was head down? "Bestie" incident fuse actually stems from a high school student? Sohu – lead education recently, world politics is yiboweiping another, "Hilary mail incident continues to ferment, in 24 this month, South Korea’s JTBC television reported, Cui Shunshi entrusted property disposal office inside the computer, found more than and 200 documents including the draft of his speech, the president. The station pointed out that the file opening time before the president’s speech, and doubt Cui Shunshi’s speech on the revised. South Korean President Park Geun hye, this has been the people known as the "National Woman" to marry, but has recently been denounced the country. From the deployment of the "Sade" criticism to Samsung, Han Jin, Lotte and other pillar enterprises in trouble, Pu Jinhui seems to be falling head, a wave surging again, questioned the media exposure and the public is increasing, this is perhaps the biggest crisis in her life: "bestie door". After this crisis, her "Chong Wa Dae road" is uncertain. The fuse was originated from a high school student? Zheng Youli a few months ago found Zheng Yu Li to the students of Ewha Womans University students identity racing school, Ewha University before there is no "equestrian students", the school has opened special case suspects, even found that Zheng Youli’s mother Cui Shunshi phoned the instructor at the threat of adjustment scores, Professor unbearable pressure to resign. More people are angry, Zheng Yu pull on his Facebook show horse (a horse in the lowest estimate one billion won said "you loser) blame your parents, money is power". So Ewha Womans University students began to protest for months, hoping to find out the truth of the total length of the school, however, regardless of the total length, then the demonstrations are getting bigger and bigger. Before a burst of Cui and her daughter unbearable pressure to escape public opinion to germany. So we began to suspect Cui Shunshi what background, want to let Professor nonofficeholding step down? Some people said that when she was young, she had a good relationship with Pu Jinhui. Was it the two of them? Most people think she is the most uneducated nouveau riche, is how the relationship between the possible and the president? However…… October 24th, JTBC reporter found Cui work, found that she left the computer, the reporter through the desktop file, found a big secret…… The receiving time by source, check each file attributes, modification time and word changes in the scarlet letter marker, the reporter found that Cui Shunshi not only has a relationship with Pu Jinhui, and great, all Republic of Korea President Park Geun hye and national politics, actually have been in control of Cui Shunshi. Cui Shunshi and Zheng Youla Pu Jinhui traced bestie politics even condone what to wear to the tube and park Geun hye young Cui Shunshi in speech from President Park Geun hye (this is the release of Chong Wa Dae will read many times inside the modified document) to the question and answer even relations between North and South Korea are the confidential documents directly to the hands of the president. However, the spread was not related to politics and Shunshi Cui computer group相关的主题文章:


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