Perfect how the United States decided to file 2.14 fantasy comedy film produced by Jiang Wu Entertai yuanjiao

"Perfect" how the United States decided to file 2.14 producer Jiang Wu fantasy comedy film Sohu entertainment "perfect beautiful" "AB world" pilot poster Sohu entertainment news today, by Jiang Wu served as producer, director Jiang Wu, Liang Dong, Jiang Qinqin, Wang Deshun starred in the fantasy comedy film "perfect" how the United States announced the scheduled February 14, 2017. It is reported that this is the "Jiang Wu" catch demon after a big screen masterpiece, and served as the film producer, while Zhu Xu, Wang Deshun and the old drama of bone blessing. Jiang Wu did not play "catch" play through the first producer of fantasy comedy film before, with Jiang Wu in "let the bullets fly", "my Tang brothers", "let’s get married", "bath" and "alive" in such films as superb performances, let the power to send the image of the hearts of the people, the movie "let the bullets fly" in "I have one hundred ways to kill him. Once more became the year popular language, but in the movie" remember "four catch demon plays role playing" hide money tianshic demon ", let the middle-aged uncle was adorable young audience loves. This time, Jiang Wu will be a change in the position, not only from the actor "through" to the producer, also in the movie "perfect" in how the United States really had a parallel world, enjoy the life through the bustling addiction. How beautiful the "perfect" exposure "AB world" and repair workers through pilot posters to transform technology companies billionaires in the fixed gear announced at the same time, the film side also released a "AB world" pilot posters. The red and black colors seem to show the different feelings of the two worlds. Two kinds of sunglasses lens show poster two totally different world, one side is the Jiang Wu car mechanic image, while the other side but he lived with luxury cars, private aircraft glamorous life. One side is filled with money, while the other side is cold repair tools. Below is a few shades of Muppets, walking in their own world, living a glamorous appearance of life. Although it is a control, are still dancing. The film reflects the life of the two sides, the choice of money, happiness, and how perfect the United States has become more thoughtful. "Proportions" of the old play bone lineup "Jiang Wen gold team" blessing "perfect beautiful" "perfect beautiful" tells the story of the hero chengtianle accidentally got a key through two different worlds, A world is a garage mechanic Loser, B technology company is the world’s billionaires, which triggered a series of contradictions and choices. In the age of 40 repair engineering Tin Lok (Jiang Wushi) living in poverty, while facing pressure from all aspects of the family, parents, wife of infertility is pushed to the edge Tianle midlife crisis. When the mood is depressed he drink, from the hands of an old man accidentally get a different world through the key, the key can take him to the rich and powerful, and the high school campus Belle Zhuo Yanni (Jiang Qinqin ornaments) new world marriage. Shuttling between two of the world’s Cheng Tianle, while enjoying the warmth of family A world, on the other side of the world’s richest people enjoy B luxury life, but gradually to their pursuit of the perfect life began to confusion… This film…相关的主题文章:


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