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Leading suppliers located in Sydney Australia of low priced supermarket shelving .monly described as gondola shelves allow for access to independently adjustable cantilevered style shelving from both sides. The SDP07 system is available in single sided bays ideally positioned next to walls, double sided or also described as centre bays allow for runs of shelving in the middle of the store. Unique metal volcano pegboard (sunk in holes) make the system universal with a range of Slatbox containers, pegboard hooks & flipper scan hooks. Shopfittings Direct Pty Ltd carries a wide range of accessories to suit the SDP07 pegboard gondola shelving such as basket shelf level & plastic part bins just to name a few. EFFECTIVE USE OF SHELF SPACE Hardware stores and home centres do not waste floor space nearly as often as they waste shelf space on sidewall fixtures and gondolas. Shelf space is wasted when a store: (1) Overstocks one item while understocking another (2) Fails to refill bins or shelves when the basic stock is reduced. (3) Stocks the same items in several places.(4) Uses the wrong shelf profile.(5)Does not relate shelf space to customer demand fluctuations. You can increase your productivity greatly and your value to the store as you learn to use shelf space properly. For example, it is more effective to merchandise vertically. That is, display similar goods up and down, on perforated pegboard and shelves, rather than stretching them out along a gondola. The shopper can stand in one spot and pick what he wants. The display is more attractive and it is a lot easier to reorder and restock. Two exceptions to this advice: Pipe fittings are best displayed horizontally by diameter, vertically by type Ls and Ts. Also, display bolts this way, horizontally by diameter, vertically by length. EFFECTIVE USE OF END DISPLAY The displays at the end of each gondola run, called feature ends or end caps, are highly effective. As a rule, a feature end will sell merchandise at least twice as well as the same display in another location. The effectiveness, however, depends on: The display’s attractiveness. The merchandise’s seasonal nature. Location in the store. Relationship to surrounding merchandise. Price. How well it has been advertised or promoted. Ease of accessibility. In actual in-store studies some end displays have moved merchandise up to eight times as fast as an identical display just around the corner. Some basic tips: Don’t crowd, Change often, feature promoted or seasonal items, and keep them neat and clean. One effective application is to surround a feature product with its accessories so shoppers can decide what configuration or .bination is best suited. GENERAL DISPLAY SUGGESTIONS Here are some general tips for hardware and swimming pool stores: First, a pyramid profile, widest shelves at the bottom, lets the shopper see the most merchandise. Shelves the same width, however, are best to mass display items the same size and shape. Second, never place shelves so close together that the top shelf hides binned or boxed merchandise on the lower shelves. Shelves are for display not for storage. And no top shelf should ever be wider than those below except on a sidewall or gondola over six feet high where the shelf is in fact more for storage than for display. WIRE BASKETS An alternative choice to standard metal shelves wire baskets allow for exceptional display and access to larger odd shaped products. Wire baskets can be angled to a preferred diagonal down slope utilizing adjustable brackets for enhanced display. Obtainable in different sizes to suit specific applications. LOUVERED PANELS Durable part bins available in different sizes allow for storage of smaller items .monly encountered in plumbing sections of hardware stores, such as seals, nobs, etc. Louvered panels allow the flexibility of different sizes part bin configurations and the ease of simply repositioning and/or exchanging with perforated panels. FRONT FENCES & DIVIDERS Shelf dividers .monly used to separate product lines, front fences acting as front barrier and support when shelves are adjusted on a down slope. Frequent hole increments allow for precise divider positioning. 相关的主题文章:


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