Ni Yuefeng especially fierce army in the city to carry out unannounced visits to check – Fujian Chan 乃々果花

Ni Yuefeng especially fierce army to carry out unannounced visits to check – Fujian Channel – original title: Ni Yuefeng in the city especially fierce in the city to carry out unannounced visits to check in yesterday morning, city leaders on issues of environmental management of Yingzhou River town. Reporter Huang Lixin did not say hello, line secrecy, went straight to the scene. 7 morning, the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, party secretary Ni Yuefeng, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee, acting mayor especially fierce army, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Lin Xiaoying and other city leaders to make unannounced visits to check the urban part of the inland river governance, engineering construction safety and construction progress of the subway. Taijiang district is the Chou river water treatment project. In the old medicine Chau Chou River, black smelly water, coastal garbage, sewage straight row, "zombie" illegal parking problems. Understand that Taijiang district is developing programs to promote the overall development of governance and the old old house in the area of medicine Delta area Yingzhou river system, Ni Yuefeng, should immediately do, do solid work, rely on themselves and found the problem to solve immediately, do garbage clean-up, health cleaning work quickly, accelerate the transformation of sewage interception project and the old house area, tackling the problem in urban water management. Fuzhou new public transport complex site, the door became furnishings, inspection team came here, the vehicle has not been blocked, entered the construction site. On the construction site, some workers did not wear helmets according to regulations, steel processing sites exposed and other security risks obvious. "Engineering construction, safety must be guaranteed."!" Ni Yuefeng repeatedly stressed that the quality is the important project, the relevant departments at all levels must strengthen quality awareness, safety awareness and integrity awareness, strict safety quality, the construction of key projects to withstand the test of history works. During the national day, the construction of the vine station on Metro Line 1 was pushed forward, but there were some problems, such as over blocking of the site, and not being removed according to the requirements. Ni Yuefeng asked for the necessary construction site, while the city subway company should dismantle the extra block in time. Ni Yuefeng pointed out that in recent years, all departments at all levels to strengthen coordination, subway construction is effective and speed up, the northern section of Metro Line 1 in advance to achieve the no-load test run. Hope to receive the task list of each unit make persistent efforts, further clarify the responsibility, control progress requirements, in ensuring safety, ensure the quality of the premise, can quickly and quickly, all efforts to promote the Metro Line 1 as soon as possible to achieve full line traffic test operation. Inspection, Ni Yuefeng for the city’s rapid action, widely launched, vigorously promote the hundred day assault, and work together to build a new Fuzhou affirmed. The relevant departments should further improve the supervision mechanism, improve supervision methods, transmit pressure at all levels, scientifically and efficiently promote key work and key tasks, and provide conditions for the construction of a new Fuzhou with "mechanism activity, industrial excellence, people’s wealth and ecological beauty". City leaders Wu Shensheng, Zhang Zhong, Xiu Xinggao, Yang Xinjian in check. (reporter Zhu Yusong) (commissioning editor Lin Dongxiao and Shi Yunjuan)

倪岳峰尤猛军在城区开展暗访检查–福建频道–人民网 原标题:倪岳峰尤猛军在城区开展暗访检查 昨天上午,市领导暗访察看瀛洲河岸环境管理问题。记者 黄立新 摄 不打招呼,线路保密,直奔现场。7日上午,省委常委、省纪委书记、市委书记倪岳峰,市委副书记、代市长尤猛军,市委副书记林晓英等市领导,对城区部分内河水系治理、工程施工安全以及地铁建设进度等进行暗访检查。 瀛洲河是台江区的水系治理项目。在瀛洲河老药洲段,河水黑臭、沿岸垃圾堆放、生活污水直排、“僵尸车”违章停放等问题突出。了解到台江区正在制订方案,统筹推进瀛洲河水系治理与老药洲片区旧屋区改造,倪岳峰要求,要马上就办、真抓实干,不等不靠,发现问题马上解决,迅速做好垃圾清理、卫生保洁等工作,加快推进截污工程和旧屋区改造,标本兼治搞好城区水系治理。 福新公交综合车场工地,大门成为摆设,检查组来到这里,车辆未被阻拦,就进到了施工工地。工地上,一些工人未按规定佩戴安全帽,钢筋加工场地裸露等安全隐患明显。“工程建设,安全一定要保证!”倪岳峰反复强调,质量是百年大计,各级各有关部门一定要强化质量意识、安全意识和廉政意识,严把安全质量关,把重点项目都建设成经得起历史检验的精品工程。 国庆期间,地铁1号线上藤站建设抓紧推进,但存在工地围挡过度、未按要求拆除等问题。倪岳峰要求,在留出必要施工场地的同时,市地铁公司要限期拆除多余围挡。倪岳峰指出,近段时间以来,各级各部门加强协同配合,地铁建设有力有效、进度加快,地铁1号线北段提前实现了空载试运行。希望领到任务清单的各个单位再接再厉,进一步明确职责,对照进度要求,在确保安全、确保质量的前提下,能快则快,全力以赴推动地铁1号线尽快实现全线通车试运营。 检查中,倪岳峰对全市上下迅速行动、广泛发动,强力推进百日攻坚行动,齐心协力建设新福州表示肯定。要求有关部门进一步完善督查机制、改进督查方法,层层传导压力,科学高效地推进重点工作、重点任务,为建设“机制活、产业优、百姓富、生态美”的新福州提供保障,创造条件。 市领导修兴高、吴深生、张忠、杨新坚参加检查。(记者 朱毓松) (责编:林东晓、施云娟)相关的主题文章:


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Fly – 38 million pounds in the Premier League Barcelona midfielder or to hit the thigh poper

Fly – 38 million pounds in the Premier League Barcelona midfielder or to hit the thigh in the thigh peille sina sports offer West Ham Beijing on February 10th news, China club began to prepare for the 2016 season, with the intention to invite players, transfer news followed. Today the transfer Feixun mainly includes the British media, "Sky Sports" report, a China Club West Ham ready to pay 38 million pounds to introduce French striker Dimitri Qianyao – peille, opened the week up to 135 thousand pounds, the equivalent of Dimitri – peille is currently worth two times. Turkey media reported "TUKISH-FOOTBALL", a club to Turkey international, Barcelona midfielder Turan provides a period of 5 years, the annual salary of up to 20 million euros. At present, Turan assessment of the worth of 35 million euros. Italy media "football market news" is revealed in the new army in Hebei Huaxia happiness intends to introduce Shanghai Shenhua foreign aid Ravitch scandal, would offer Ravitch a two-year, the total value of up to 50 million euros contract. According to British media reported the "Sky Sports", a China Club West Ham ready to pay 38 million pounds to introduce French striker Dimitri Qianyao – peille, opened the week up to 135 thousand pounds, the equivalent of Dimitri – peille is currently worth two times. West Ham have confirmed with Dimitri – peille launched negotiations, but the Chinese club tried to take him, certainly can not match the offer Chinese West Ham in terms of money. Dimitri peille aged 28, height 1.75 meters, with France and reunion of dual nationality, the Secretary attacking midfielder or winger, right footed player, 2015 to 15 million euros transfer fee to join West Ham, and West Ham United with the end of June 2020, this season scored 6 goals in 22 appearances for West Ham and 5 assists. As the French international, peille appearances for the French team scored 1 goals in 15. At present, the evaluation value of German football data network media to "the market" to mark the peille for 18 million euros. According to Turkey media reports, "TUKISH-FOOTBALL" is a Chinese club currently playing for Barcelona Turkey midfielder Tulan provided a period of 5 years, the annual salary of up to 20 million euros, the total amount of 100 million euros. China club to buy expensive players is becoming a trend in the last week, China football club two times to break the Asian football transfer record. Guangzhou Hengda introduced Jackson – Martinez, the transfer fee of up to 42 million euros, while Jiangsu Suning introduced Teixeira to 50 million euros. Turan, aged 29, Turkey nationality, height 1.77 meters, the Secretary may also serve as an attacking midfielder, winger, who played for Galatasaray, Atletico Madrid club, joined Barcelona in 2015, the transfer fee of up to 34 million euros. This season, on behalf of Barcelona Turan has made 8 appearances in all competitions with 3 assists, did not achieve the desired performance. As the Turkey international, Tulane cumulative 87 Turkey caps)

飞讯-中超3800万镑砸英超大腿 巴萨中场或来华 中超报价西汉姆大腿佩耶   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月10日消息,中国俱乐部开始备战2016赛季,向有意向的球员发出邀请,转会消息接踵而至。今日转会飞讯主要包括,英国媒体《天空体育》报道,一家中国俱乐部准备向西汉姆联支付3800万英镑引进法国国脚前腰迪米特里-佩耶,所开出的周薪高达13.5万英镑,相当于迪米特里-佩耶目前周薪的两倍。土耳其媒体“TUKISH-FOOTBALL”报道,一家中俱乐部向土耳其国脚、巴萨中场图兰提供了一份为期5年、年薪高达2000万欧元的报价。目前,图兰的评估身价为3500万欧元。意大利媒体《足球市场新闻》则透露中超新军河北华夏幸福有意引进上海申花绯闻外援拉维奇,将为拉维奇提供一份为期两年、总价值高达5000万欧元的合同。   据英国媒体《天空体育》报道,一家中国俱乐部准备向西汉姆联支付3800万英镑引进法国国脚前腰迪米特里-佩耶,所开出的周薪高达13.5万英镑,相当于迪米特里-佩耶目前周薪的两倍。西汉姆联已经证实跟迪米特里-佩耶展开续约谈判,但这家中国俱乐部试图带走他,西汉姆联肯定无法在金钱方面匹配中国的报价。迪米特里-佩耶现年28岁,身高1.75米,拥有法国和留尼汪双重国籍,司职前腰或边锋,右脚型选手,2015年以1500万欧元转会费加盟西汉姆联,与西汉姆联合同到2020年6月底,本赛季代表西汉姆联出场22次打入6球并有5次助攻。作为法国国脚,佩耶为法国队出场15次打入1球。目前,德国足球数据网络媒体《转会市场》给佩耶标出的评估身价为1800万欧元。   据土耳其媒体“TUKISH-FOOTBALL”报道,一家中国俱乐部向现效力于巴萨的土耳其国脚中场图兰提供了一份为期5年、年薪高达2000万欧元的报价,总额达到1亿欧元。中国俱乐部购买昂贵球员正在成为一种趋势,就在上周,中国足球俱乐部两次打破亚洲足球转会纪录。广州恒大引进了杰克逊-马丁内斯,转会费高达4200万欧元,而江苏苏宁以5000万欧元引进了特谢拉。图兰,现年29岁,土耳其国籍,身高1.77米,司职前腰,也可以出任边锋,曾效力于加拉塔萨雷、马德里竞技等俱乐部,2015年加盟巴塞罗那,转会费高达3400万欧元。本赛季,图兰代表巴塞罗那在各项比赛中出场8次贡献3次助攻,表现没有达到预期。作为土耳其国脚,图兰累计代表土耳其国家队出场87次打入15个进球。目前,德国足球数据网络媒体《转会市场》给图兰标出的评估身价高达3500万欧元。   意大利媒体《足球市场》称一家中国俱乐部有意引进现效力于西甲豪门巴塞罗那的右后卫阿尔维斯,为这位巴西国脚开出一份为期3年、年薪高达1200万欧元的巨额报价。这不是阿尔维斯第一次跟中国俱乐部传出绯闻。上月中旬,巴西媒体“futnet”报道,一家中超俱乐部有意引进阿尔维斯。阿尔维斯现年33岁,身高1.72米,体重64公斤,司职右后卫,2008年7月以3550万欧元转会费加盟巴塞罗那,随队获得了三次欧洲冠军联赛冠军,还随队夺得过西甲联赛、西班牙超级杯、西班牙国王杯、欧洲超级杯、世俱杯等赛事的冠军。作为巴西国脚,阿尔维斯累计代表巴西国家队出场87次,打入6球。在今年1月举行的国际足联2015年度颁奖大典上,阿尔维斯入选了世界职业球员工会年度最佳阵容。目前,德国《转会市场》给阿尔维斯标出的评估身价为1000万欧元。   意大利媒体《足球市场新闻》称巴黎圣日耳曼的阿根廷国脚前锋拉维奇有望加盟中超新军河北华夏幸福,河北华夏幸福有意引进拉维奇,将为拉维奇提供一份为期两年、高达5000万欧元的合同。原本法国媒体《队报》报道拉维奇接受了上海申花的报价,但从目前的情况来看有可能被河北华夏幸福截胡。类似的情况曾经发生过。江苏苏宁一度与科特迪瓦边锋热尔维尼奥走的很近,但他最终加盟了河北华夏幸福。   (李哲)相关的主题文章:


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Interchange Yezhi Lake North ramp today open before the Spring Festival next year completed

Interchange Yezhi Lake North ramp today open before the Spring Festival next year completed A ramp: right under the bridge to Optics Valley Luo Shi road. B ramp: Cultural Avenue bridge to Baishazhou bridge. C ramp: Optics Valley down bridge to cultural avenue. D: Luoshi South Ramp turn right onto the bridge to Baishazhou bridge. J Lane: Optics Valley Baishazhou bridge straight. The reporter Zhang Chi correspondent Wang Simin reporter Zhou Di map from today, Wuchang is located in the North (near the interchange Yezhi Lake Luoshi south side) 4 ramps, will be opening up. This also means that, due to the semi closed transformation, the 4 month long "vascular obstruction" removal will partially ease the congestion from Wuchang to Jiangxia. In addition, after the transformation of the original interchange, the traffic efficiency of the vehicle will be greatly improved. The implementation of the "bypass" rule blocking as the third ring road connecting Optics Valley and baisazhou transportation hub between Wuchang and Jiangxia, as well as the connection channel, interchange Yezhi Lake in recent years, the traffic flow is increasing year by year, frequent congestion. Previously, interchange Yezhi Lake in accordance with the "input structure of main line viaduct + ground Island Sanhuan" use, the other at the ends of the three link near the white sandbar and Optics Valley, each equipped with a pair of upper and lower bridge ramp. However, with the increase of traffic flow, the disadvantage of low traffic capacity at the roundabout is revealed. The owner of city investment group responsible person said, in order to completely solve the "vascular obstruction" at the beginning of this year, the municipal government plans to "reinvent the bypass" on the overpass, the May 6th renovation project officially launched, first get rid of the existing two pairs of upper and lower bridge ramp, ramp to re build 8 the direction of the formation of a full interchange at the same time, the existing 6 shares of two straight lane, widened to 10 shares, solve the existing congestion. On the north side of this all to restore access to 10 o’clock yesterday morning, the Wuhan evening news reporter on the scene saw the Xinye Zhi Lake interchange, 4 ramps in the North has been completed preliminary asphalt paving, a small number of workers is to paint the fence, the whole bridge with the traffic conditions. But because the previously taken semi closed, from Wuchang to Jiangxia, the only vehicle straight, plus 2 shares reduced to temporary Lane Lane, traffic congestion has been routed to the Yezhi Lake bridge. "Such congestion is common in the past 4 months, but it will be eased from Tuesday." Lu Bing, head of the construction international project department, told reporters that from today, the 4 ramps on the north side of the overpass will be all open. This also means that, from the right Luoshi South Sanhuan to the direction from the direction of Optics Valley Baishazhou, Third Ring Road, turn left to cultural Avenue, from the direction of Optics Valley Third Ring Road and turn right to Luoshi Road, turn left on the road from culture to three direction 4 Baishazhou vehicles can go directly to the ramp. Two lane between Luoshi South Avenue and culture, from the original 4 lane, 6 Lane widening into a temporary. Wuchang city block before the Spring Festival next year eased Lu Bing said, straight channel on Luoshi South Road and culture continue to broaden the next. It is expected that in November this year, the straight lane will be fully completed, reaching two-way 10 lanes. In addition, shi.

野芷湖立交北侧匝道今起开放 明年春节前全部完工   A匝道:光谷右转下桥至珞狮南路。 B匝道:文化大道上桥至白沙洲大桥。 C匝道:光谷下桥至文化大道。 D匝道:珞狮南路右转上桥至白沙洲大桥。 J集散车道:光谷至白沙洲大桥直行。   文 记者张驰 通讯员王思敏 图 记者周迪   从今天起,位于武昌的野芷湖立交北侧(靠珞狮南路一侧)4条匝道,将全部对外开放。这也意味着,此前由于半封闭改造,汇聚于此长达4个月的“血管梗阻”清除,将部分缓解武昌至江夏的拥堵。另外,对原立交进行改造后,车辆的通行效率也将大为提高。   实施“心脏搭桥术”治堵   作为三环线连接光谷和白沙洲之间的交通枢纽,以及武昌和江夏之间的连接通道,野芷湖立交近年来车流量逐年剧增,时常发生拥堵。此前,野芷湖立交按照“三环线主线高架+地面环岛”的结构投入使用,另在靠近白沙洲和光谷的三环线两端,各设置有一对上下桥匝道。但随着车流量增大,环岛处通行能力低的缺点就显露出来。   业主方市城投集团负责人透露,为了彻底解决此处的“血管梗阻”,今年年初市政府计划对该立交进行“心脏搭桥术”式的彻底改造,5月6日改造工程正式展开,首先破除现有的两对上下桥匝道,再重新新建8个方向的转向匝道,形成一座全互通立交,同时将现有的双向6股直行车道,拓宽至10股,解决现有的拥堵。   北侧今起全部恢复通行   昨天上午10点,武汉晚报记者在现场看到,新野芷湖立交中,位于北侧的4条匝道已经完成初步的沥青铺设,少量工人正在为护栏刷漆,整座立交桥具备通车条件。不过由于此前采取半封闭,从武昌至江夏的车辆只能直行,再加上车道临时缩减为2股车道,拥堵的车流一直排到了野芷湖大桥上。   “这样的拥堵在之前4个月很常见,不过从周二开始,将得到缓解。”施工方中建国际项目部负责人卢兵告诉记者,从今天起,位于立交桥北侧的4条匝道将全部开放。这也意味着,从珞狮南路右转上三环往白沙洲方向、从三环线光谷方向左转至文化大道、从三环线光谷方向右转至珞狮南路、从文化大道左转上三环往白沙洲方向等4个方向的车辆,均可直接走匝道实现转向。珞狮南路和文化大道之间的双向车道,将从原有的4股车道,临时拓宽成6股车道。   武昌出城堵点明年春节前有所缓解   卢兵表示,接下来将会对珞狮南路和文化大道的直行通道继续进行拓宽。预计今年11月,直行车道将全面完工,达到双向10车道。另外,施工方提醒,老立交中位于南侧的一对匝道,将在明天启动拆除。届时,从文化大道右转上三环往光谷方向、从三环线白沙洲方向右转至文化大道的车辆需绕行。明年春节前,野芷湖立交完成南侧的匝道施工后,将具备全互通的交通转换能力,武昌出城的一大堵点也将有所缓解。相关的主题文章:


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