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Other luxury   Citroen C6 static contrast – Volkswagen MAGOTAN people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: another luxury Citroen C6 static contrast MAGOTAN domestic joint venture car status of a brother elder by two German brothers Volkswagen MAGOTAN and Passat has many joint venture brands have tried to go beyond the opponent, but in the end it is difficult to shake its status, new MAGOTAN after the listing, the product upgrade again, medium-sized logo lever position also seems to be more stable, but today the Volkswagen MAGOTAN will usher in a new challenger, the new Citroen C6, after re positioning of the new Citroen C6 has become a high-end car, with the appearance of the atmosphere and the law of car unique and luxurious interior have a unique style. Although not yet listed, but has also become a powerful Challenger medium logo bar. If the show MAGOTAN is a popular brand of domestic consumers calm and rigorous style, C6 is the embodiment of the French for the new understanding of luxury, and the new C6 level rather than the benchmark that will be what kind of performance? (abbreviate C6 and MAGOTAN). MAGOTAN listed officially in July this year, the whole system consists of 9 models, the price range of 18.99-31.69 million yuan, power systems, 1.4T, 1.8T and 2.0T engine for consumer choice, the maximum output power of three engines were 150 horsepower, 180 horsepower and 220 horsepower. The Citroen C6 will be officially listed this month, the new car will provide 1.6T and 1.8T two engines, the maximum output power of 167 horsepower and 204 horsepower. Therefore, regardless of location or motivation, between it and there must be some overlap magotan. Therefore, today’s choice of static contrast models, that is, their current or future main products – 1.8T models. Which choice is MAGOTAN 330TSIDSG distinguished type, it is the highest with 1.8T, and Citroen C6 we also choose 1.8T dingpei. Comparison of models the price range of the MAGOTAN models C6 (million) did not publish the 18.99-31.69 selection model 1.8T high version 330 TSI distinguished type DSG (258 thousand and 900)   Citroen C6 2016 basic MSRP 0 MAGOTAN 2017 330TSI DSG distinguished MSRP 258 thousand and 900 – PK: the appearance of two vehicles are very atmospheric, MAGOTAN design, tough design style C6 more rounded two car is relatively close, all belong to the type of atmosphere and stable, and they also represent the family own design style, most of the flat straight MAGOTAN camp, people feel more tough, and C6 is used to design more sleek, more elegant some design, but compared to now popular family more and more assimilation, C6 might be able to bring you More fresh feeling.     C6 step size, compared to a certain advantage in the long high width).相关的主题文章:


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