Oriental Aesthetics from tea flower shiyang

From the art of oriental aesthetics the author said ikebana words > > > oriental aesthetics, from the stalk is a kind of real life aesthetics "". This kind of aesthetics is not only "know enlightenment" to the wisdom of life, and more is to resort to "practice" secular tradition. Interestingly, the word "Oriental Aesthetics" is not the people of the East, the French Leonard · Grousset "in 1948 from Greece to China" in the first, and then have to their own aesthetic tradition "consciousness": we have not Oriental tradition, but we didn’t see it. As a result, the original "comparative consciousness" has been formed, such as the "heavy" of Chinese aesthetics, the "heavy color" of Japanese aesthetics, and the Korean aesthetics". But in fact, the real core of the whole eastern aesthetics is "life", all of which are a kind of life aesthetics". Man in the ancient vase is not considered as "children" state concerned with the eastern aesthetics of life between aesthetic and life "intimate relationship, pay attention to be neither too familiar nor too distant" in daily life to appreciate the beauty of life itself "". The tradition of "Life Aesthetics" in China is the traditional life tradition which has never been broken. China classical aesthetics as the "original" life aesthetics tradition, formed a kind of "sorrow and happy harmony" Chinese life art: from the literati to the beauty of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, from the pen inkstone ink and paper to study in the United States, from the piano chess book to enjoy the beauty of the stone, from poetry to literature the beauty of tea from the home to the beauty of ikebana, from the characters to view the beauty of the people, from the joy of making friends to gathering the beauty from the natural landscape to the beauty of the garden, from the Hermitage forest to learn about, from folk festivals to folk art beauty, are such. Western aesthetics only focuses on art, while eastern aesthetics focuses on life. After the new millennium, "Life Aesthetics" has become the latest mainstream of contemporary aesthetics in the west, which can only be rebuilt, but in the east there is "from the root". What we have done in this column is to find our own "Life Aesthetics" for the chinese". Has a long tradition of music as the time goes by, the various forms of oriental aesthetics, from the "flower tea", the Liu Yuedi Zhao Qiang   editor Zhang Jiaqi > > character name card; > Liu Yuedi, life aesthetics advocates. At Chinese Philosophy Social Sciences Institute, visiting scholars, Fulbright postdoctoral fellow at Peking University, a former international aesthetics Association (IAA) Deputy Secretary General and one of the five executive committee of Chinese Society for aesthetics, the editorial board of Philosophy Comparative. The works include "Life Aesthetics", "analysis of aesthetic history", "contemporary art theory", "life aesthetics and artistic experience" won the "three one hundred" original publishing award. The translation of Wittgenstein’s "aesthetics, psychology and religious speech and dialogue" in the 5 part, in the "East West ideological magazine" published English papers, editor of "Peking University" aesthetic art series "aesthetic art series" "Life Aesthetics Series" chronicles相关的主题文章:


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