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Love This is a novelty gift idea that will certainly wow your family, business partners and friends. Help them be.e a Laird and Lady of ther own domain in the Highlands. Everyone that heard of William Braveheart Wallace, Robert the Bruce or Rob Roy MacGregorwill be enthusiastic about having his own title in the Scottish nobility. A very unique personalized gift that will make a lasting impression of the receiver and their friends is a formal title. Be.e a Laird of the land of Scotland. A Laird is the Scottish pronunciation of Lord. Impress your friends as you be.e known as Lord or Lady and travel in style. Even our children can be know as Laird or Lady. As a novelty gift idea, your friends can put their title on business cards, their coat of arms, or even the letterhead on their stationary. Imagine getting a card "from the desk of Laird Johnson of Jura" or "Lady Williamson of Jura Estates, Scotland" because they will personally own land there on the magical Isle of Jura just off the west coast of Scotland. They can even proudly wear a tartan kilt and sporran, and show pride in their Scots heritage. Hearing the skirl of bagpipes and the pageantry of the tartan-clad dancers will give your family and friends a sense of belonging to a Highland Games festival once they be.e a Laird and Lady of the ancient land of Scotland. When they visit the Scottish cities of Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow, and Dundee, they will know that they are a part of that land. Bringing stories to life is the novelty gift idea that is part of the Scottish Highland spirit. Pouring a wee dram of Scotch Malt Whisky, which was distilled only a mile away from their own Scottish estate, they sit back in their den full of Caledonian memorabilia while watching a historical drama about the history of Scotland. The drama contains scenes from the tragic reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, the battle of Culloden, and the struggle of Bonnie Prince Charlie. Those with a noble Scottish domain can fly the blue St. Andrew’s cross on a white field (Scotland’s national flag), knowing they own a part of Scotland. On January 25, Robert Burn’s Day, they can sing "Auld Lang Syne." Most people sing it on New Year’s Eve, but Scots sing it at the end of most party occassions — all year round! A true novelty gift idea that will be treasured and remembered for years is a visit to the distant land of Scotland. This beautiful country will provide the visitor with spectacular scenery such as the hillsides of heather, the famous Lochs, and the Bens( Scotttish mountains). The visitor can arrive with a real title that will follow them for years and be.e treasured by their decedents for years to follow. The individual’s family name will be.e part of the land’s nobility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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