Nitish Katara Murder Case Was Kataras Murder Case Main Eyewitness Ajay Katara `drunken Fool -doat

News-and-Society NEW DELHI: Sukhdev Pehalwan, one of the accused in Nitish Katara murder case, today alleged before the Delhi High Court that the prime witness in case, Ajay Katara was not a ‘chance witness as claimed by prosecution but a ‘bought-up witness whose sole purpose was to give false statement to built circumstantial evidence against the accused. His lawyer Ravinder Kapoor, pointed several inaccuracies in his statements and also on his conducts, making the court to remark whether he was just a ‘drunken fool.On submission made by Kapoor that Ajays statement that he used to travel from Delhi to Ghaziabad and Bulandsahar to purchase ‘liquor and as such had heard the name of accused Sukhdev Pehalwan, working with D P Yadav, seems to be preposterous as there is no logic for travelling such a distancecovering almost 40 kmsto purchase a bottle of liquor, Justice J R Midha, remarked whether you are suggesting, he was a ‘drunken fool. Justice Midha along with Justice Gita Mittal is hearing the Kataras murder case. The defence lawyer also pointed out that there was an attempt on Ajays part to conceal his identity, particularly his ‘.mon connection with deceased Kataras familys ancestral village Barmouli in Agra from where all Kataras belongs. He said that initially police recorded his name as Ajay Kumar, then during trial Ajay Katara and later Ajay Kumar Katara.He also claimed that the police deliberately did not made efforts to record statement of Subhash Chand, the person whose house Ajay had visited on the night of Feb 16, 2012 at Ghaziabad who was staying at the reserve police lines. Why was Chands statement not recorded by police and made prosecution witness, to corroborate Ajays claim? Without Subhashs corroboration, Ajays reason to visit Ghaziabad on the fateful night is ‘doubt-full. Moreover the reserve police lines in-charge (.pany .mander of 40th PAC battalion) Satbir Singh had categorically stated that all persons entering the police line, whether pedestrian or on a vehicle, had to make entry at the gate. There is no way anyone could enter with a scooter, as Ajay had claimed in his statement, argued defence lawyer.Summing up his arguments, Kapoor said that the main witnesses have not given statements against his client. His name was only mentioned in brief by some of the witnesses without identifying the person. In such circumstances, he should be given benefit of doubts and cleared of all charges. What is funny about this incident is how a innocent person has been languishing in Jail for such a long time. This is a sad story of our Incredible India which is trying very hard to portray and good image to rest of the world and our society. Reality of the fact is there is so much our country has to change for the .ing generation or else we are going into the dungeon and the time is not very far. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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