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Ningxia Wine successfully exported to Singapore – Ningxia Channel – Ningxia News Network (reporter Yang Zhaolian) October 13th, reporters from the Ningxia inspection and Quarantine Bureau learned that the production by leaving the world winery Ltd. 124 box, the value of $9495 Wine by inspection and quarantine before successfully exported to Singapore, this is the first export of Ningxia Wine singapore. Singapore’s current food standards and regulations are more stringent, but also for the import of alcoholic beverages specifically issued a number of announcements, wine labels and quality have strict requirements. Ningxia inspection and Quarantine Bureau to accept the inspection after the first time the enterprise, carry out on-site inspection and quarantine, inspection and quarantine work at the scene found in the product label does not comply with the requirements of the official Singapore, immediately to the enterprise are pointed out and the correct label design guide enterprises to enable enterprises to timely avoid the unqualified label caused by export risk. In addition, the bureau also according to the characteristics of batch of export product variety, quantity, the risk assessment, reduce the amount of sampling, only to Wine related safety and health indicators were detected, these measures not only reduce the sampling losses for the enterprise, to shorten the test time and process for the enterprise. In recent years, the export enterprises in our Wine area gradually increased, the exporting country has gradually diversified, to better help the Ningxia Wine export inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Ningxia has been committed to the collection of foreign laws and regulations and standards for Wine, collected and studied the United States, Australia, Singapore, Chinese Leah, the Hongkong and other countries and regions the Wine laws and regulations, and many organizations within the jurisdiction of the enterprise training held. In the Wine inspection and quarantine work, the Bureau targeted, in strict accordance with the requirements of the importing country to help and guide the export production enterprises, export enterprises to solve practical problems, to help enterprises improve the level of quality and safety, promote Ningxia Wine constantly open up new markets, exported to more countries and regions. (Li Yanfen, Ma: commissioning editor sweet)

宁夏葡萄酒顺利出口新加坡–宁夏频道–人民网   宁夏新闻网讯(记者 杨兆莲)10月13日,记者从宁夏检验检疫局了解到,由留世酒庄有限公司生产的124箱、货值9495美元的葡萄酒经检验检疫合格后日前顺利出口新加坡,这是宁夏葡萄酒首次出口新加坡。   新加坡现行的食品标准法规较为严格,同时还针对进口酒精饮料专门多次发布公告,对葡萄酒标签和品质都有严格的要求。宁夏检验检疫局接受企业报检后,第一时间开展了现场检验检疫,在现场检验检疫工作中发现产品标签不符合新加坡官方的要求,立即向企业指出并指导企业设计正确的标签,使企业及时避免了因标签不合格造成的出口风险。此外该局还针对该批出口产品品种多、数量少的特点,经风险评估后,减少抽样量,仅对葡萄酒相关安全卫生指标进行了检测,上述举措不仅为企业减少了抽样带来的损失,更为企业缩短了检验的时间和流程。   近年来,我区出口葡萄酒企业逐渐增多,出口国家也逐渐多样化,为更好地帮助宁夏葡萄酒出口,宁夏检验检疫局一直致力于收集国外关于葡萄酒的法律法规和标准,收集并研究了美国、澳大利亚、欧盟、新加坡、中国香港等多个国家和地区的葡萄酒法律法规,并多次组织辖区内的企业召开培训。在葡萄酒检验检疫工作中,该局有的放矢,严格按照进口国的要求帮助和指导出口企业组织生产,为出口企业解决实际困难,帮助生产企业提高质量安全水平,促使宁夏葡萄酒不断开拓新市场,出口到更多的国家和地区。 (责编:李彦芬、马甜)相关的主题文章:


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