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.puters-and-Technology Today Agriya, one of the best IT service providers, have proudly released a new version of Rayzz YouTube clone. Our developers have done a lot of research and experiments on the old versions of Rayzz and other popular social .munity sites, thus adding lots of special features to Rayzz which led to the release of a new version. Rayzz script will allow you to build a successful YouTube clone without any requirement of technical knowledge. This is a great opportunity for the video sharing site owners to stand out from the crowd. I have summarized some attractive new features that would add some value to your site. Dashboard in Rayzz provides hot links to the most accessed modules like video module, friend module, audio module etc, to enable users to access the features such as audios, videos, photos, games, friends, etc easily. If a picture is worth a thousand words then we can just imagine what it would be for a Video. We offer video response feature for the videos, so that users can post their .ments on videos. Members always want to view only specific number of videos from the thousands of videos available. Rayzz facilitates users to assign quick links to the selected videos and watch it later. Members can also move the selected videos to their playlist. Rayzz allows users to upload Google videos apart from YouTube videos. Statistical view report on videos is displayed in a graphical format. Other than Captcha, we offer Honey Pot in the registration page which ensures smooth registration for users. Rayzz provides a video importer to import a video from YouTube using the API provided by YouTube. Using this facility, the webmasters can import many videos from YouTube that too in another member’s name thus making the site look active. This helps to increase the traffic to your site. This feature can be used during installation and whenever the user activity is low also. Latest version Rayzz .prises distributed encoder which distributes the video encoding process to the processing server, thereby saving the memory and CPU time of the web server. It also includes mass uploader for audios, videos and photos. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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