Net exposure bus station 50 meters parked car before and after the maximum penalty of $1000 official

Net exposure bus station 50 meters parked car before and after the maximum penalty of 1000 yuan official rumor bus station within 30 meters of no parking and Nanjing part of the bus loaded two facts capture equipment together, gave birth to a fine of 1000 yuan rumors. From tomorrow onwards, all bus stops 50 meters before and after the ban on social vehicles parked, including up and down passengers that go, once the maximum penalty was photographed $1000……" The day before yesterday, such a message circulated in the circle of friends, the Yangtze Evening News reporter immediately to the Nanjing traffic control department to verify, the traffic control department clearly said: This is a rumor, please do not believe. However, some of the buses installed in Nanjing intelligent traffic recorder, you can shoot social vehicles occupy bus lanes, random lane change behavior. Yangzi Evening News all media reporter Guo Yipeng first heard rumors of the bus loaded electronic eye, specifically shoot station illegally parked 50 meters before and after the bus stop social vehicles parked…… "Bus mobile electronic police" is installed in the automatic monitoring machine on the windscreen of the front of the bus, based on video monitoring, the use of models, the yellow line identification, GPS positioning algorithm, through the 3G wireless transmission of real-time traffic violations capture, continuous capture 3, sent to the police after the synthesis of wireless encryption by artificial background after verification, the illegal entry system." Yesterday, such a message circulated in the WeChat circle of friends, let the driver nervous, "a temporary stop should be fined 1000 yuan, this is too hard." The riders have commented that he sometimes put friends waiting in the bus station, it did not. There are riders joked, since it is necessary to implement the punishment tomorrow, while you can stop, go to take pictures under the "memory". Is it really the traffic: rumors, electronic police will advance said: "this is definitely a rumor, we do not believe, however, does have a temporary stop vehicle specification." A Nanjing traffic control person told the Yangtze Evening News reporter said, in general enabled electronic police, the traffic control department will be released through the media authority or official WeChat, micro-blog. So, whether or not the bus stop around 50 meters stop social vehicles? The traffic control person said, according to the "Regulations" provisions of article sixty-third of the implementation of the People’s Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law: bus station, first-aid station, gas station, fire hydrant or fire brigade (station) in front of the door and within 30 meters from the above location in addition to the above sections, no parking facilities outside. "If the driver is present, we will order it to move the car to go, if the driver is not in the scene, we will be in accordance with illegal parking, a fine of 100 yuan note 3 points, while the illegally parked vehicles qingtuo." In addition to the above provisions, the temporary parking of motor vehicles on the road, it shall comply with the following provisions: in a no parking signs, road markings, motorized vehicles and non motorized vehicles, the road between the sidewalk with isolation facilities and crosswalks, construction sites, no parking; intersections, railway crossings, road bends, width of less than 4 meters of the narrow road, bridge, tunnel and slope, from the above location within 50 meters of the road, not parking in front of the vehicle shall be parked; open the door and door switch on staff, shall not impede other vehicles and pedestrians; roadside parking should be close to the right side of the road, the vehicle driver car相关的主题文章:


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