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Fitness-Equipment Barry Turner Nebraska Cornhuskers player who will soon start in the defense will be arraigned in court after being arrested on allegation of a third degree assault on a woman they share an apartment with on a block at Hanneman Dr. On response to a call by the 20 years old woman, the police arrested Barry, however according to the Lincoln Police there are no charges that have been filed yet. The police report allege that Barry and the woman fought Turner picked her in the entry of the block and carried her to the apartment, he asked her about a phone call and when she did not answer he hit her with a pillow. Further the report states that in retaliation to being hit, she picked up a candle stick and hit him. Barry is alleged to have hit her on her arm and also bit her; moreover Barry refused to let the woman leave the apartment. Known as the best Nebraska Cornhuskers pure pass rusher, Barry was out most of the 2008 season as he had broken his leg, the injury made him eligible for the fifth season and was given a medical redshirt. Bo Pelini, the Nebraska Cornhuskers coach said in a statement that he was aware that the pure pass rusher had been arrested and that he was handling the matter well. To further disappointing news, Nebraska Cornhuskers were beaten by Kansas State 77 to 72 to wipe away their earlier 73 to 53 loss at the hands of the Cornhuskers, the Wildcats were much alert this time round much more careful this time, they scored 21 points as they stole the ball in 17 Nebraska turnovers, this ensured that they reach 20 wins in three consecutive seasons for the first time since 1980 to 1982 seasons. The Wildcats had earlier been beaten by Missouri. The Kansas State Wildcats win has given the team its hopes to take the NCAA tournament. The Huskers had an advantage in the 3 point range shots with 15 to 4, on the free throws they also had the lead with 37 to 25; however the wildcats collected and scored from the rebounds with statistics of 36 to 25 favoring the Wildcats. Despite spraining his ankle, Darren Kent scored 13 points; Buchi Awaji scored 10 points and collected nine rebounds, Awaji thwarted Cornhuskers Brandon Richardson’s lay up by pinning him to the backboard. Denis Clemente scored 14 points and Jacob Pullen added 18 points to assure the Wildcats the win. Nebraska Cornhuskers player Ryan Anderson was the overall top scorer leading with 19 points, also for the Cornhuskers was Cookie Miller who scored 14 points and seven assists. By automatically winning the Big 12 tournament, this will be the only hope for the Huskers at the NCAA Tournament. However, the Huskers can also eye for their second appearance at the NIT, their only way to get into this tournament is to beat Baylor Bears. The two teams will face off in two occasions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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