National Day Nanyang key scenic blowout seven days income of about 3000000000

The national key scenic spots in Nanyang "blowout" seven day income of about 3000000000 yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the city’s National Day period a total of 6 million 408 thousand and 300 domestic and foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue 3 billion 185 million yuan, an increase of 11.5% and 12.8% respectively. No travel accidents, tourists complaint rate of less than 0.1 per thousand. Holiday market is very hot, it is understood that during the eleven golden week this year, the city’s average daily visitors more than 90 passengers. In October 1st, the 2 day holiday tourists increased rapidly, in October 4th, 5 to October 6th, the 7 day peak travel, tourists return, reception was reduced, the city became the peak of the National Day holiday tourism market this year. The tourists have together, in a continuous line, parking lots to the ticket window front in a long queue; the Hostel Haus am Turm hotel business hot, catering and accommodation to tourists too busy to attend to all, the city’s star hotel room occupancy rate of over 90%, some of the key counties of the hotel room rental rate reached 100%, especially in the area surrounding the hotel, farm hotel business is booming, the emergence of the "tension phenomenon is hard to find, hard to find a room meal"; supermarkets, shopping malls and entertainment business rises sharply, the formation of holiday consumption boom. Key scenic spots appear "blowout" during the festival, Laojieling · dinosaur Relics Park, seventy-two, seven, Baotianman Tan Shan, Neixiang County, canal, Grand View Garden, Danjiangkou international Tamaki, five flower mountain scenic area attracts countless tourists visit. Laojieling · during the dinosaur Relics Park daily holiday tourists 20 thousand passengers daily reception 10 thousand passengers; Longtan ditch; seven mountain, seventy-two Tan tourists daily more than 3 people; Neixiang County daily reception 15 thousand passengers on the first day of the canal; South to North Water Diversion Project are receiving visitors more than 1 people, more than 1.4 daily reception terminal Song Gang passengers, Dan Da Guan yuan daily reception 11 thousand passengers. Self driving tour, rural tourism into the mainstream. The reporter learned that, during the golden week this year, the number of tourists traveling self-help subject increase, tourists to the car, bus tour bus and Pakistan are significantly reduced self drive tourists accounted for about 83% of the total number of tourists. Rural tourism has become a hot spot for holiday tourism in our city this year. During the holiday in Xinye, a total of 21 thousand rural tourist tourists received, rural tourism revenue of $4 million 490 thousand, accounting for the county’s holiday tourism revenue of 1/3. Neixiang County reception of rural tourists more than 3.7 people, rural tour ticket revenue of 2 million 15 thousand yuan. Wancheng District of Han Zhong Lu Park, Wadian Henan garden, red bay Longquan Mountain Villa, Huang Gang artist village agricultural tourism point to attract a large number of people go to watch, fishing, picking, tasting farmhouse meal. Tourist market continues to expand according to holiday survey shows that the majority of local tourists in Nanyang, foreign tourists increased significantly. Foreign tourists mainly come from outside the province around the city, a radius of about 500 kilometers, the province tourists mainly concentrated in Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan, Luoyang, Zhumadian, Xinyang, Sanmenxia province city, foreign tourists mainly concentrated in Hubei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan Province, the city in Xi’an, Wuhan)相关的主题文章:


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