Nanjing a couple quarrel with his wife holding his son to jump the river

Nanjing a couple quarrel with his wife want to jump the river small husband and wife actually dispute, with more than one year old son to jump the river to commit suicide. Fortunately, the police arrived in time, the woman advised back. October 28th, Confucius Temple police station received a report, saying there was a young woman with a child, threatened to jump the river. Police rushed to the scene, the woman standing in the river crying excitedly, see someone close, immediately back. Her arms more than one year old boy was frightened and cried. Not far from the woman’s mother kept telling her don’t do anything stupid. Women only a few centimeters away from the river bank, and then take a few steps back, it is likely to step down empty." Police said. The situation is urgent, while the side of the police comfort women and their exchanges. The woman wept and said: "I don’t want to live with his son, let her husband die, a lifetime of regret!" The police observed that although the woman threatened to take my son to commit suicide, but has patted the child back to coax him. Then, the police to children as the breakthrough point to start. Women’s mood gradually stabilized, agreed to have a good word to say". The police rushed, rushed from the woman hugged the child, two people will pull back from the shore. The woman said the cause of suicide. Before the incident, her husband and her life because of a small quarrel. Husband: but the left behind relentless. The woman grew more and more sad, have the idea of suicide. She told the police, his post natal temper is bad, the gas lost his mind, want to let her husband through this extreme way to learn. She’s already regretted the impulse. Police contacted the woman’s husband. The couple met again after being flushed. The patient, they finally agreed, in future disputes, must be in a calm mood to solve, not the child involved.相关的主题文章:


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