Mrs. Long live hit Xi Lu Yu locomotive Prince entertainment Sohu subsidiary tinyos

"Mrs. Long live" hit near the prince – Entertainment Sohu Xi Lu Yu locomotive sub Sheng Guansen locomotive ride Xi son Sheng Guansen Xi son looking fondly as Chu Shengnan Sohu entertainment news recently, by Shen Yan, directed by Liu Haibo, Chen Yan, Xu Yajun, screenwriter, Yan Ni, Sheng Guansen, Xi son of actor starred in the romantic comedy "Mrs. Long live" city in Anhui, Tianjin satellite tv. The new generation of actors near rich two generations of Chu Shengnan in the "long live" in Mrs. atypical returnees, because of dissatisfaction with his father remarried, deliberately yebuguisu, in order to win the attention of the father. In a late night KTV, roadside encounter motorcycle boy marseille. Two people after drinking, fighting, racing series events, quickly fell in love. Netizens have said, "people are riding a white horse prince, Xi son Prince car boot." "Mrs. Long live" tells the story of three different ages and representative wife marriage, career and family life, show three groups of couples face love, affection, friendship and other complex emotional entanglements of the state, and they continue to find the process of self, to happiness. Among them, Chu Shengnan played for 90 Xi Zi "wife" on behalf of, real and fun feelings bumpy but lost in life. When he learned that his father remarried, angrily back to home, ready to fight to the end with the stepmother. After returning to the occasional repair guy handsome young Marseille (Sheng Guansen decoration), two people fall in love, and quickly flash marriage! The character put Chu Shengnan under the watchful eyes of the people rushed into his wedding, put on a white veil, to all the guests and announced his father married on the same day. Thus the young couple’s married life has officially kicked off. It is reported that, although this is the son of actor 90 Xi first appeared in the TV series, but with its own unique personality and potential to get recognition and support of the audience. Next, want to see Xi Zi and Sheng Guansen the young couple will also send locomotive how fancy dog food, please lock every night half past seven in Anhui TV, Tianjin TV continued to hit the city emotional comedy "long live the wife"!相关的主题文章:


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