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UnCategorized Be aware of the mileage of your vehicle, and plan for additional. If you figure that you’re moving 320 miles, your vehicle gets xxx miles per gallon so with gas prices you come up with it’ll cost you, say, $100 in fuel. Have $150. What’s the worst that can happen? You arrive at your destination and have $50 left over! But if you take $100 you can almost insure that there will be a detour – of 30 miles! – or you are stuck in construction and burn a quarter tank of fuel going nowhere, or the guy that said "turn left at the next light" didn’t know his left from his right! Any one of those or, on a really bad day all three, can seriously affect your cash flow. In an ideal world when people say they’ll be there by 9 to help load they’ll be there at 9. In Murphy’s world things happen and even the most well meaning people have to cancel and instead of six people loading you have two! Because you know Murphy – he’s gonna sit in the corner laughing at you for not planning to evict him. Instead plan for 8-10 people so if a few have to cancel it’s no big deal – if everyone shows up then you get loaded that much quicker. Have your insurance and emergency contact information readily available. Leave plenty of time so that you aren’t rushing. Plan your trip to avoid cities during rush hour. If it means stopping at 5 pm for a light dinner, do so. That $5 each meal might save you an accident if someone brakes in front of you. You’ll get more efficient mileage and less wear and tear on your vehicle without dealing with rush hour traffic – no matter the city! Where possible stay on the bypass routes even if it’s another 5-10 miles for the same reason. Check all fluids and tires before departing. Check hitches and door locks. If you’re an hour from your destination, you’re tired, the kids are wound up and you’re mentally drifting off at the thought of a hot bath find an inexpensive motel. Let the kids play in a nearby park for 15 minutes or so, get cleaned up and some sleep. It is guaranteed to be cheaper than an accident from pushing it when you’re too tired. Studies have shown that the human mind approaches a point when even if the eyes are open the nerves to it shut down…you’re awake but not seeing. It is times like this something pulls out in front of you, or you drift off the road or a tire blows and situations quickly spiral out of control. There is little at the destination so important it’s worth a life for. Having plenty set aside cash for the trip for fuel, rest stops etc can make the difference between arriving and not. Plan ahead and give Murphy the ol’ heave ho as you leave the driveway. He’s not needed this trip because you’re prepared! About the Author: Austin self storage facility with a 24/7 onsite management team. Darden specializes in the brokering, marketing, feasibility studies, and developing of self-storage personally brokering over 130 self-storage facilities throughout the southwest to both national and regional self-storage operators. For more storage tips and information, visit ..aabenwhite… Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:


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