Morning peak Audi VIP customers in Huizhou Bay since driving tour

Morning peak Audi VIP customers in Huizhou Bay since driving tour theme: "driving fun" day, the passion of a "summer" venue: Huizhou Bay (two day) starting point: Guangzhou morning peak Audi return: the Guangzhou Golden State financial center and the number of participants: 10 theta activity group (Audi A4L A6L A8L Q3 Q5 Q7 owners) room allocation: each customer defined 3-4, 1 groups of customers 1 rooms (double Hai Jingfang) registration hotline: 020-28360212 activity process: D1 days 9:00 of 9:15-12:00 road at 12:00 Bay 12:00-14:00 seafood lunch (both introduction and interactive games) 14:00-15:00 in 15:00-18:00 free (or participate in fishing 18:30-20:30) D2 days 8:30-9:00 9:00-10:50 breakfast dinner drive experience 11:00 collection check out 12:00 14:00 lunch return note: 1 please bring a towel, Hat, umbrella, mosquito insect spray 2 please bring swimsuits, beach shoes. 3 oil fees and expenses, other scenic spots at their own expense, the customers themselves.   bay eternal The Resort Apartments Deluxe sunrise real hotel free WIfi * * Bayview beach fun unlimited * * * experience day fishing seafood lunch hotel to subvert the traditional European style resort hotel, the introduction of service function and sound management, give you a home-based vacation experience   deluxe room   Deluxe sunrise Bay; two – room, a room, two cups of coffee, a sunrise, a journey of eternal happiness.   European Seaview Room, a small sea warm apartment to let you heartache. The following recommended by the Spanish Town apartment: we can do this at bay 10 things, 1 in the star mountain viewing platform overlooking the bay of   when you climb the hill overlooking the Bay, you will understand the origin of the name "Bay". It is said that due to the wind, the formation of the left Bay color is not clear, clear bottom right Bay scenery, but the difference was not so obvious observation. And can be seen is that the east coast of the West Bank as quiet as water roaring waves. Go to the viewing platform on the road need to navigate to the sea turtle nature reserve, and then along the side road to open, do not ignore the military warning signs, all the way to a clearing off after the iron gate, climb a hill, is the viewing platform. It is said that occasionally someone stopped at the entrance tickets. 2, pretending to be in Venice   find the best time for a light, to the pier near the film, if you ignore the side of those who look ugly building, then you can pretend to be in Venice. 3, China’s class stunt show       the Dragon sways its tail and 360 degrees of melting相关的主题文章:


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