More than and 900 people only more than and 30 people Xinyu 37 year old doctor in the Antarctic expe

More than and 900 people only more than and 30 people? Xinyu 37 year old doctor in the Antarctic expedition source: Xinyu released in the work of Ouyang Zenghong. Antarctica is the only continent in the world that has no permanent population. The south pole, which is not a country, is a place that belongs to all mankind. For the Antarctic, all our impression may be just the end of the world, a great sigh, or travel cruise on a photo, more than a year to live here, only the penguins and glaciers, is a kind of what kind of experience? Figure December 10th, Ouyang Zenghong as a member of the thirty-third Antarctic expedition, starting from Xinyu after many trips to Antarctica, tell us a true antarctic. The 37 year old Ouyang Zenghong is the city people’s hospital emergency surgery attending doctor, graduated from Medical School of Nanchang University, majoring in clinical medicine, has more than and 10 years of working experience. I am a doctor, usually in addition to busy work, rarely run around, not out of the country. For the Antarctic, my impression is still in the school to see the picture in the textbook, very mysterious." Ouyang Zenghong grew up on this mysterious place in Antarctica is full of longing, love naive penguin, want to see the polar special landscape, but he never thought that one day will have the opportunity to go to the antarctic. The origin of Ouyang Zenghong is examined the patient affected area in October last year, Ouyang Zenghong inadvertently on the Internet to see polar Office of the State Oceanic Administration on the Internet issued a "China thirty-third Antarctic expedition overwintering logistics post pre announcement. Almost at the same time, he also saw the announcement in the hospital, just in line with his profession, when the feeling was very excited to see the impulse on the name, submitted a variety of information." Ouyang Zenghong said he felt that this opportunity is very rare, there will be a lot of applicants, I did not expect to be elected. In the end, luck really came to the technical excellence, hard-working young people. Selected wear winter clothes training in Harbin in December last year, Ouyang Zenghong received a call from China polar center. On the phone, he was told the shortlist". In February this year, Ouyang went to Harbin to Yabuli Zenghong in accordance with the requirements of winter training, at that time, he learned through the preliminary examination of a total of more than and 900 people, these people will also pass the written examination and interview, professional investigation, many extremely cold weather training and other heavy screening and eventually eliminated, only more than 30 people can get to the south pole chance. Test of wear winter clothes successfully selected the Antarctic expedition mission in Harbin training, Ouyang Zenghong excited. But the family is very worried: in Antarctica as a harsh environment, can it? Parents in order to dispel doubts in mind, Ouyang Zenghong repeatedly communicate with them, and learn the knowledge and professional training comfort parents. "The training in Harbin, every day at half past five in the morning to get up and running. In fact, I usually like sports, like playing basketball, running. Therefore, physical fitness can also. We have strict discipline requirements, out of the need to report, to travel with his companions." Ouyang Zenghong said that now the country has very experienced in the polar expedition.相关的主题文章:


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