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More than 200 people died: Italy earthquake disaster devastated to rescue prime time – Beijing, Beijing, August 26 Xinhua comprehensive report, the central Italy 24 morning 3 earthquake destructive 6 magnitude, killing at least 249 people were killed, some moment town was razed to the ground, a large number of displaced people living on the streets. Rescue workers in Italy are working to carry out search and rescue work, the miracle of life is also staged. In addition, China and other countries have expressed willingness to provide help. Instant disaster: at least 249 people were killed in towns razed local time on August 24th at 3:36 in the morning, more than 6 earthquake occurred in the central town of Italy, near Umbria in Perugia Province, the epicenter is located in the capital Rome 100 kilometers northeast of the city is, the focal depth of 10 kilometers, is very shallow earthquake, destructive. Aftershock number more than 100 times. When the earthquake happened, most people were asleep. The strong earthquake caused devastating damage to several towns in central Italy. When the earthquake occurred, many residents collapsed in sleep houses buried alive. More than 1 days after the earthquake, the death toll has risen from the original number of more than 10 people to the number of 249, which is likely to continue to rise. Earthquake caused a large number of buildings collapsed, a large number of people homeless. The famous ancient city of amatrice is one of the hardest hit, a large number of buildings collapsed, some residents were trapped under the rubble, the mayor sent amath cut Lodge said: "the scene of devastation, death of many people, half the town is gone. More witnesses described the disaster areas such as "Dante’s Inferno" (Dante’s Inferno). There are no reports of casualties of Chinese citizens in the earthquake. Consulate General in Milan District Chinese China remind citizens to improve security awareness, pay attention to the seismic information, pay attention to the prevention of secondary disasters such as landslides and aftershocks, to avoid the collapse of the building have hidden areas, food and goods ready for emergency. It is reported that Italy is located on the top of the two fault, is the most frequent crustal activity in Europe, since ancient times, there have been numerous disastrous earthquakes. Last 2009 the central city of L’Aquila 6.3 earthquake, which killed more than 300 people. Gold: the search for survivors all night rescue victims slept in the streets after the disaster, Italy rapid rescue work. Search and rescue work carried out throughout the night, during which there was a strong aftershock, the building has been damaged severely shaken again. The rescue team of 4300 people carried debris under the help of mechanical tools, but had to dig with bare hands. Because of amatrice, accumoli and Pescara, three South of the medieval town in the earthquake near 25, so come to nothing, the dawn of the first, a large number of people are still buried in the rubble, waiting for rescue. Rescuers search for survivors in a collapsed house. Struggling to rescue survivors, they said, "you can hear the children in the rubble of distress screams". Miracle of life is also being staged, a 65 year old man was rescued after being buried for about 9 hours, and another girl was rescued when she was buried in the rubble of the age of 17, when she was a child of the age of 10. .相关的主题文章:


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