Modern Peking Opera Yantai liberation staged reproduction of Yantai red history vstart

The modern opera "Yantai liberation" staged reproduction new network new network in Yantai in August 26, the red in history – "you from the people, belongs to the people, for the people, the people will never forget you, hero of the Jiaodong children’s English forever in the history of the Republic monument." With the white, Modern Peking Opera "Yantai" creation of the liberation of Yantai on the evening of 24 successfully staged in Yantai grand theater. The opera tells the story of the Japanese government in 1945 announced the unconditional surrender of the Japanese in Yantai, entrenched ditch, Jiaodong military region, the Eight Route Army dispatched Zhang Huilan to infiltrate the enemy the devil jiyaoyuan identity, access to the Yantai military Chengfang figure, and sister Zhang Huijiao will cover the Eight Route Army headquarters of the Yugoslav capital chart to outside help, the Eight Route Army successfully for the liberation of Yantai the story, the plot ups and downs, P. Modern Peking Opera "liberation of Yantai" in the background of the Chinese people’s war of resistance against Japan, with the Beijing opera art reproduction of Yantai red history. The main characters, Zhang Huilan bold, firm and indomitable, heroic brave image is left a deep impression on the audience. Little is known about the character Zhang Huilan is Chinese first industrial production enterprises Wine Changyu company founder, Zhang Bishi’s granddaughter Zhang Shilu patriotic overseas chinese. The drama creation also referred to Zhang Shilu as the Communist Party underground workers, risked his life to the Eight Route Army siege units transfer the historical facts and information. 1942, 16 year old Zhang Shilu came to the Anti Japanese base. In 1945, Zhang Shilu joined the Communist Party of China, began to engage in intelligence work. In order to win the final liberation of Yantai, the party decided to let Zhang Shilu take advantage of Yantai’s pseudo police recruit female police inside the machine, puppet intelligence. In August 15, 1945, Japan announced its unconditional surrender, and entrenched in Yantai, Japanese troops still held out. In August 22nd eight, the eastern army troops for a final assault, the complete liberation of Yantai. 7 o’clock that night, Zhang Shilu found a large number of Japanese troops are quietly to the sea rush, ready for boarding flight. Zhang Shilu and her sister Zhang Shiqing to go home at once together information is sent to the Eight Route Army battlefield command. The sisters of the intelligence for the Eight Route Army siege units to determine the time for the general offensive and aim to provide accurate basis for. After a fierce battle, the Japanese occupation of Yantai for several years was successfully liberated. The modern opera "Yantai liberation" screenwriter Zhang Shengyun said, Mr. Zhang Bishi’s granddaughter Zhang Shilu and her mother’s story is the source of his creation, the underground Communist hero, mother and daughter, a heroine these words inspired his inspiration. The Modern Peking Opera "the liberation of Yantai" has been selected as "the revitalization of local operas in Shandong province and the protection of Peking opera". In recent years, Yantai City, Jiaodong extensive collection of revolutionary historical materials, organizing a large number of revolution in Jiaodong relevant documents, pictures, objects, and to the many old generals, the old party and witness the image retention, the creation of a number of revolutionary history ", and" documentary and nurse "Party member registration form" and "yangko dance soul", "landminebattle", "Yantai liberation" in history as the theme of large-scale opera red. Shandong, located in Jiaodong, is one of the birthplaces of the red revolution in Yantai.相关的主题文章:


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