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"Miss Pei fantasy Castle" villain Jackson in "fragment fantasy Castle" Pelosi miss Samuel Jackson unveiled the hideous villain flower Tencent entertainment genius director Tim · Burton’s "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" explosion villain movie clips, the show has been scheduled for September 30th in North america. The movie a few days ago after exposure of EVA · Green and Asha · Butterfield’s first episode, today broke the second fragments, the appearance is Samuel · Jackson plays the villain Barron. Fragment, male and female Emma and Jacob came to Samuel · Jackson’s lair, fierce eyes round Jackson looks very terrible, he has the ability to live in the film, but has been trying to kill the specific function of children in the castle. Emma temporarily controls the flow of air out of his mouth, but apparently it won’t last long. "Miss Pei’s fantastic Castle" is adapted from the best-selling fantasy novel, the film from the perspective of a boy named Jack. When Jack was a child, he often listened to his grandfather telling him the magic story of a remote island, and when he grew up, he finally started the journey to the remote island by himself. On the island, he found an abandoned off "to" the orphanage where the children not only have a specific function, but also more dangerous than imagined, but the most frightening thing is that although so many years have passed, the child may be alive. When the orphanage faced the threat of the dark, Jack became a secret weapon to help them overcome the evil.相关的主题文章:


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