Men pry the window of the crime of theft of property more than 50 from a pack of cigarettes was arre 9c8950

Men forced car theft of property crime more than 50 cases only for a pack of cigarettes was caught in his pocket a screwdriver, chenzheyese cover, will stop in concealed places a car window open, and then go into the search for all kinds of valuables and take away. With such a good skill, the development zone has more than 50 men Xiemou crime, involving up to more than 5 yuan. Jingzhou Development Zone Public Security Bureau police station after more than a month of investigation, the cross region hit the car window theft suspects Xiemou successfully captured. Overnight, more than 6 6 car glass smashed the morning of August 6th, more than the victim to the kiln bay police station said, parked in the area adjacent to the Sales Department of a car window smashed, the car has lost property, such as U disk, charging treasure, smoke, wine, and a reflection of the owners stolen 500 yuan. The police rushed to the scene, saw the vehicle smashed car glass piece has been Qiaodiao, were thrown in the not far away. The police and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police retrieved surveillance found that Xu 3 crime suspects in the morning time, single crime. Video display, to find the target of crime, the suspect will carry a tool to pry open the window, then the window from drilling, succeed and then climb out, then pry next to the car. From the car to the car out of the car, the car in the process of committing the crime in about 3 minutes, the technology is quite skilled. Police analysis, the suspect may be an old hand. But because of the incident in the morning light, fuzzy, police can not see the suspect’s physical characteristics, the scene did not find valuable clues. And investigation, successfully locked the suspect in by the police on the case of full investigation, the morning of September 24th, there are several victims came to the police, said he parked the car near the kiln bay village in front of the shop, the night was the car glass smashed, the car stolen property. The police and the Criminal Investigation Brigade police immediately rushed to the scene, to carry out comprehensive exploration, hope that through the traces of the crime scene to find clues to solve the case. The police investigation that, not far from the scene of the gas station nearby 3 car windows smashed, have also stolen property in the car. The police carefully carried out on-site investigation, and analysis and case series, found that most cases occurred at around 3 am, when the theft suspects riding a motorcycle theft target to blue, mainly on the side of the road vehicle parked car, although no valuables, but little to the U disk, charging treasure, to the value of nearly 1000 the suspects were alcohol, did not let go. In order not to miss any traces, the scene police stepped up efforts. After careful investigation, the police found a pack of cigarettes in a broken window glass, successfully extracted two incomplete fingerprints. There was a breakthrough in the case. September 29th, after comparison, the police successfully locked the suspect for the Development Zone, a joint rural man xiemou. Using a screwdriver, committing more than 50 Xiemou, 28 years old, record personnel, brought up in a single parent family, had been taken care of by grandma, teens together with others to steal punished by the police, because I was underage, age is still small, but was sentenced to ten months imprisonment. Later, like people learn a bricklayer, all over the country to work,!相关的主题文章:


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