Men drunk climbing pipeline into the dormitory of female colleagues, indecent can not be

Drunk man climbed into the female colleague pipeline quarters obscene is not anti bite original title: Suining a man climbed into the female dormitory pipeline is not anti bite obscene colleagues a few days ago, a Suining man drunk climb pipes into the female colleagues in the bedroom, which was the implementation of indecency in the waist ruthless bite of female colleagues. According to the waist wound, the police successfully captured the man. At present, the man has been under criminal detention by the police. According to reports, Dai Li (a pseudonym) is a factory workers live in a bedroom, living alone. The night of the incident, Dai Li after sleep felt someone touch my bed, looking up a shadow. Scared the Dai Li hurried call for help, the shadows stop waist was Dai Li after a bite out of a window, fled the scene. Dai Li immediately to the police. By the District Public Security Bureau police station north field visits, the Li live in a dormitory in the middle of the floor, if the suspect to enter the dormitory, most likely through the pipeline into. The unit is set up the security guard, the possibility of outsider crime is very small, the suspect is likely to be the unit, but also to live in the upstairs staff most likely Dai li. According to this clue, the police investigation with several male colleagues in the Dai Li upstairs to view at the same time, according to the waist provided was bitten by a suspect Dai Li details. Finally, the police found a bite wound on the waist of a man. Zhang sneaked into the room Dai Li implementation of indecency confessed to the crime on the night. It was verified that the 32 year old Zhang is an ex convict, who attempted rape was sentenced in April this year, was released from prison, after his release, Zhang found a job, the night of the incident, Zhang drank a lot of wine from the color center, female colleagues sneaked into the bedroom, the implementation of indecency. At present, Zhang has been under criminal detention. Source: Sichuan News Network (China Network)

男子酒后爬管道进女同事宿舍 猥亵不成反被咬原标题:遂宁一男子爬管道进女宿舍 猥亵同事不成反被咬前几日,遂宁一男子酒后爬管道进入了女同事的寝室,对女同事实施猥亵遭其在腰部狠咬了一口。民警根据腰部伤口,成功抓获该名男子。目前,该名男子已被警方刑事拘留。据介绍,代丽(化名)是某工厂员工,独居住在一间寝室。事发当晚,代丽睡后觉得有人在摸自己,睁开眼一看床边有个黑影。吓得代丽急忙呼救,黑影制止时其腰部遭代丽咬了一口后,跳出窗户逃离现场。代丽随即报警。经经开区公安分局北固派出所民警实地走访,发现代丽住的寝室处于中间楼层,若嫌疑人要进宿舍,极有可能通过管道进入。该单位设置了保安门卫等,外人作案的可能性很小,嫌疑人很可能就是本单位的人,而且以居住在代丽楼上的员工可能性最大。根据这一线索,民警详细排查了住在代丽楼上的几名男同事,同时,根据代丽提供的嫌疑人腰部被咬伤的细节进行查看。最终,民警在一名男子张某腰上发现一个被咬的伤口。张某对其深夜潜入代丽房间实施猥亵的犯罪事实供认不讳。经查实,今年32岁的张某是一名刑满释放人员,曾因强奸未遂被判刑,今年4月份才刑满释放,出狱后,张某找了份工作,事发当晚,喝了不少酒的张某起了色心,潜入女同事寝室,实施猥亵。目前,张某已被刑事拘留。来源:四川新闻网 (中国网)相关的主题文章:


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