Marco weekend event Jiepan Tu struggling against the cold Real Madrid Manchester United synnex

Marco Weekend Events: Manchester Jiepan Tu struggling against the cold hot events in Real Madrid weekend Premier League Hull VS of Waterford City 1, Waterford nearly 6 round 3 wins 2 flat 1 negative, but to win 3 games in the scene are no advantage, look at the record of the game player is likely to overestimate; 2, the city of Hull nearly 7 rounds the 6 game losing streak, nearly 5 rounds and the minimum net negative 2 goals, basic will not form heat; 3, the main consideration from the disc, the Lord – odds reached 1.75, compared to the two recent state and subject field advantage, the anticipation will be more sought after game player, so act in a diametrically opposite way. SMG team lets the ball play, Pingfu recommended BOGAO return negative radio. Manchester United VS Burnley 1, Manchester United nearly 6 rounds only 1 wins, nearly 3 rounds extremely, the distance has been the Champions League zone 5 points, has not lost space; 2, Burnley season shooting ratio was 8.5:19.3, and the bottom of the city of Hull, but the 3 wins 1 flat 5 negative record easily the play of its slightly overvalued; 3, United 2 consecutive rounds without a goal in front of God Ibrahimovic is the 5 consecutive rounds without goals, need a victory to improve the striker confidence; 4, Burnley 3 away defeats and net negative 8 goals, averaging 23 shots to give the opponent a chance, I don’t think they in this field to United cause too much pressure; 5, disc, 2 ball handicap has formed enough resistance to the recent poor performance of the United plate can not be heated, but more good play. SMG let 2 ball play, recommended BOGAO return radio – Shengping. The Bundesliga Borussia Frankfurt, Borussia VS 1 was the main defender Christensen (7), the main defender Dominguez (unknown), the main center Rafael (3 games, 2 goals) the main attacking midfielder, Zal (6 games 3 goals and 1 assists), Del Mitch (unknown) backup center were injured; on the contrary, the main Frankfurt midfielder Huszti (7 games 1 goals and 1 assists) in the lifting of the ban; 2, Frank forbay season data significantly enhance the games last season were shot this season for the ratio of 11:13, 12:9, coach Kovac tune proved successful; 3, Borussia Champions League group phase next week to distraction, if win will cause a great pressure on Manchester City; 4, the disc, his odds of nearly 1.90, taking into account the horrors of the Borussia home court record, will not be too much to chase game player Holding. SMG team lets the ball play, Qiuwen can recommend negative; small draw up. Wolfsburg VS Leverkusen 1, "to distract the Champions League next week before the 3 round of group phase, because all draw the road against Tottenham is almost the battle of life and death, must go all out; 2, Wolfsburg last season lineup remained neat, especially in the backcourt, although nearly 5 round lost 4 games, but the field data is not bad. Have the ability to rebound; Leverkusen unbeaten face 3, Wolfsburg nearly 6 times, 4 home court; the disc, the disc a high water, individuals that have some investment value. Don’t let the ball play相关的主题文章:


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