Mao Weitao and create Du Kou Liulan extreme surprise

Mao Weitao "and" create "Du Kou Liulan extreme surprise" concern Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe drama "and" Du Kou Liulan will visit the Meggie Drama Theatre in November 11th, 12, this is the drama debut in the UK, France, Germany, Austria tour, Beijing National Theatre, met for the first time Shanghai and the audience. As the name suggests, this is a drama Shakespeare and Tang Xianzu two masters classic masterpiece of "twin" for the innovation of. Mao Weitao: just as a means, the world of work is the focus of the new drama is fresh, but must face the dispute, this time, Mao Weitao was quite confident: "I guarantee that this will be the audience yelled at least once". In fact, founded in 1984, Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe has been known to explore innovative, "Curtis Liulan and Du Liniang" is the "shunkin biography" "Jiangnan life" "Chunhyang" after fourth according to the world classic adaptation of the opera, with a unique form of actress two male characters lead attention to the Opera tells the story of a modern interpretation technique of ancient Rome legendary general Liulan kou to adhere to the ego ideal for the tragedy of life, and I do not know why and legend of Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei is dead. It is famous for South Mao Weitao perform at the drama of gifted scholars and beautiful ladies, casual and elegant bearing niche, this is her interpretation of Shakespeare’s most brutal, tragic, strong characters and stories to the audience, in contrast with the background is still soft characteristics of the opera "the Peony Pavilion" under, will create an extreme accident". In this regard, Mao Weitao said, this will be the least scolded by the audience". Why so confident, she said, although the modern processing includes sound and light stage style comparison, but the whole creation in Shaoxing body challenge is not large, not to make the audience feel more angry". Is it not a conservative step? She smiled and said, a Shakespeare and figures presented by Weng Tang hit music opera, the challenge is not Shaoxing ontology, but in exploring the world of traditional art in the present. "Not only Savon’s company to show Hamlett, Shaoxing can, you just have to find a way." In her opinion, just as a means, the world and the contemporary humanistic core is the focus of the work. From this perspective, this work is not the so-called "Shaoxing opera don’t challenge", but "in contemporary Shaoxing opera can make global audience perceived, current feedback is good – in July this year, Zhejiang Yue opera troupe with the new play the peacock theatre world premiere in London, and thus open the Anglo Austro German 22 days the tour. The UK National Theatre executive director Lisa · Berg said that British people understand, also commented: "this two characters, especially the powerful force of the Liulan Kou this role, even by a woman to play, it is unbelievable, it to the British sense before." Guo Xiaonan: now from the opera age to the aesthetic era from the Mao Weitao story can feel that this work is not the so-called "Shaoxing opera don’t challenge", but "in contemporary Shaoxing opera can make global audience perceived". Current feedback good – take相关的主题文章:


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