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Artists Marble stone is easy to process, processing in China has a long history of use, but thousands of years, mainly by hand carving, although in recent decades has been machined, it is only a simple sawing, cutting, grinding small-scale processing . 80 years of this century was the progressive realization of large-scale automated production. China not only advanced automatic production lines, there are semi-manual operation of small marble processing plants. (A) of the processing methods and equipment .monly used in Marble processing of the main processes are: sawing processing, polishing, cutting process, cutting therefore legitimate workers, auxiliary processing and inspection of repair. (1) Mable Crusher is used to saw Crushing of marble blocks into the desired thickness of the hair plate (typically thickness of 20mm or 10mm), or bars, cakes and other forms of semi-finished products. The process is a rough process. Sawing marble processing equipment .monly used in the framework of special large-type diamond saw, two-way single-blade cutting machine, large-diameter circular saws. Tilting saw as the traditional low efficiency of sand, cutting of poor quality has been gradually phased out. (2) the purpose of grinding and polishing process is to saw good wool board for further processing, to the thickness, smoothness, gloss to meet the requirements, Mable Crushing Plant requires a few steps, the first coarse leveling, but also through semi-fine grinding, fine grinding, grinding and polishing, marble processing the most .plex operations, decorative plates only by grinding, polishing, and its inherent color, pattern, luster can be fully displayed, the best decorative effect. Polishing marble used equipment are ten automatic continuous grinding and polishing machine, bridge grinding machine, hand grinding machine, a small disk grinder, a large disc mill, reversing roughing mill and so on. Mill used in grinding, polishing abrasive improve the accuracy of the .position with the particle size gradually decreases, .monly used abrasives are alumina, silicon carbide, synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride and so on. (3) The process is cut off Mable crusher hair plate or polishing plate by ordering required length and width setting off for processing, get the required specifications plate. Cutting processing equipment .monly used in many vertical blade cutting machine, double blade cutting machine, horizontal cutting machine, bridge cutting machine, cantilever cutting machine, hand cutting machines. marble crusher (4) In addition to the auxiliary processing marble processing outside of the main process, according to the specific needs of the decoration, often edging, chamfering, open hole, drilling, milling, lace and so on. .mon equipment with automatic milling chamfering machine, stone-specific profiling and milling machine, drilling machine thin-walled, hand-held diamond saw, hand polished polishing machines. (5) inspection of natural marble repair process is inevitable that cracks, holes, processing often causes of fracture, scratches, touch the edge and other defects. Through the cleaning test, authentic to storage, not serious defects that can bond and repair to reduce the rejection rate, this Mable Crushing Plant is usually manual work, and some imported production line of automatic continuous repair machines, repair requirements and the original material at almost the same color. .mon automatic continuous repair machines, blow dry cleaning machines or artificial test, manual repair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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