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Arts-and-Entertainment Panda Kunst is one of the most creative works done by actor turned designer Frenchman Louis-Marie de Castelbajac. Panda Kunst t-shirts or knitwear manifesto collections have been available for the past two years in which poetry, humor as well as wink-nudge proclamation like Thank God I m an an atheist, bauhaus is my house. too strange to live too rare to die etc. are used. They have also launched Casterbajacs t-shirt line in 2007. The multi-hyphenate French native, who is now living in Los Angeles, has recently been meeting with stores and showrooms to make sure the availability of all their t-shirts along with various other products for the customers. The designer main manifesto is to make the culture accessible. This reflects in the Panda Kunst organic cotton t-shirts collections. Louis-Marie de Castelbajac has clearly inherited witty inclinations from his father Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. He has been also involving in his work in transversal ways photography, drawing, painting and nourishes it with his creative reflections and encounters. Thus, they have made a reputation in the fashion industry after their father by launching the brand Panda Kunst. He has truly justified the creative and contemporary designs by proclaiming evocative slogans from a world far distance of norm as they are saturated with cultural merchandise Before entering in the fashion industry, Louis-Marie was involved in acting. He has played the role against Milla Jovovich in the Caligula. He has also worked in the project Louvre in Paris in which he did voicing the role of anti-hero Maldoror, for the famous artist Mike Kellys visual installation. At the start, he did some odd jobs in Los Angeles in spite of that he started his career by learning artistic work. Various designs done by Louis-Marie de Castelbajac for t-shirts can be searched on the site Lmdecastelbajac… Along with Panda Kunst, he has designed several designs like Aluminium art, Tokyo art, and many more others. Here, you can get all the detailed information about rare and unique collections of designs created by Louis-Marie. All the products are displayed here in the category and further sub-category wise so that users could find out it easily as per their convenience. Hence, if you are curious to find out the ultimate and unique designs that have been done by Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, the site Lmdecastelbajac.. would be ultimate destination for you. You cant find many collections anywhere like this site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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