Longyan, a teacher in the classroom, selling movie ticket Bureau small things plants war

Longyan, a teacher in the classroom, selling movie tickets Education Bureau: small thing to get a half price ticket, the child said the teacher issued. September 23rd, Longyan County, Changting County, many parents of students, have encountered this scene. "There’s a fight and panic screen." One parent said, some children were scared whining crying. Parents questioned the teacher should not be distributed to the students in the classroom movie tickets, and how these tickets to the hands of the teacher, the education sector is how to regulate? Reflect: the teacher issued tickets to students in Changting County in September 26th, one called the "stars" of the parents to reflect this in government service platform. The parents said, 23, school children come home from school, get a "half price tickets": September 25th show "exploration", "forest", "dolphin", "deep-sea quest dinosaur wars". According to the parents, the child said the movie tickets are issued by the teacher in the classroom, thought that the teacher assigned the task, took the child to see, the movie fare half price, 30 yuan students, adults $40". Similarly, another parent Liu also encountered this situation, ask the teacher, the teacher responded to the voluntary". Mr. Liu said that the day to the cinema to see the film students, parents, from the county school. In this regard, some parents questioned the film some horror picture, not suitable for children, and the ticket is the teacher to the students, many parents thought that the teacher assigned task, is induced, the nature of the bad. "How is the movie ticket sent to the school, the school acts as what role?" There are parents questioned the regulatory authorities are not in place. Response: the Bureau of education is called "small things" Herald reporter learned that, in September 27th, a reply made a local education bureau of Changting County Local forum. The Education Bureau said, after investigation, recently there Changting earth digital cinema staff without the consent to the city Bureau of education, private primary school, part of the kindergarten, the school in the name of the dissemination of advertising to the movies the price, by the students and their parents to watch, this behavior belongs to business conduct. The Education Bureau has informed all urban primary school and kindergarten, prohibited to distribute such commercial advertisements to the students, and asked the kindergarten primary school lessons, strengthen school management, standardize guard system, similar behavior does not occur. Yesterday, the Herald reporter call the Changting County Board of education preschool education at the beginning of shares to verify the matter. A staff member said that the business is not good, in the city of several schools distributed advertising, and this answer is indeed issued by the education bureau. However, the staff member said, is a small thing, has been resolved, requiring school rectification, not the media to report. Subsequently, the staff hang up the phone. The Herald reporter Li Guirong  相关的主题文章:


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