Liu Cixin when all the problems are solved, people will face the psychological death

Liu Cixin: when all the problems are solved, mankind will face psychological death on September 10th, "science fiction Chinese · and the world" international science fiction forum held at the National Central Library of art, from the United States, Japan and other countries and regions and China local science fiction writer, on science fiction and its derivative topic made a presentation and discussion. "Some science fiction and Never mind" in the works of Claus Hocking as the "Star Trek" physics "wrote the preface wrote," between science fiction and science is a two-way trade. Science fiction puts forward some ideas that science can accommodate, and science sometimes finds out more than any science fiction." In fact, science fiction is inseparable from the scientific soil. In the interview, Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, Mr Xi on the relationship between science and science fiction also expounded his views. Liu Cixin believes, based on science fiction is a science fiction, "world science fiction is not based on science, Never mind some science fiction and science, based on science fiction only in science fiction a, and is already out of date. I try to build my imagination on the basis of science, follow a principle, and write my novel in a surreal way, not a supernatural thing. This is the bottom line of my writing." Mr Xi between science fiction and science fiction, "science is not omnipotent, there is a boundary science. Writing a novel in a place where science has come to realize is like a science fiction, where the boundaries are properly pushed forward, where science fiction can be played, and move forward a little bit on the basis of science." American Science Fiction Fantasy Writers Association President Cat Rambo said at the Forum on the development trend of American science fiction said, "American literature science fiction and fantasy usually put together, these two problems are referred to as speculative fiction." Liu Cixin believes that science fiction and fantasy are different, but not clear. "The American science fiction and fantasy blur is after 80s, the golden age is two quite distinct from each other. At present, science fiction three giants are very pure science fiction writers, the work is not fantasy and supernatural elements. Later, in the new wave movement of European and American science fiction, in order to strengthen the literary nature of science fiction, the mainstream literature to get closer to the mainstream literature, which led to the confusion of science fiction and fantasy." At present, the application of AI has played a human assistant chat robot, and the future will be on the development direction of AI+HI. Artificial intelligence is not like people, it’s better in the future, artificial intelligence is one of the hot topics. Artificial intelligence has been applied to people’s lives, although it is not popular, but its huge possibility reveals from scientists and the attention of investors, has become an important element in many science fiction. On this forum,, vice president of the Asian Institute of China, Mr. Zhang Yizhao from the perspective of the combination of technology and humanities interpretation of the current situation of the development of artificial intelligence and its potential applications. The future has arrived, but there is no average distribution, Zhang Yizhao with such a sentence on the status quo of artificial intelligence are summarized. The application of AI as a healer as chat robot wheatgrass, representative play artificial assistants, and the future"相关的主题文章:


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