Lishui landslides on the ruins of the faithful dog Hachiko looking for the owner zhongguorentiyishu

Lishui landslides on the ruins of the faithful dog Hachiko: looking for the dog owner has been lying in the ruins of the corridor, refused to leave as the District of Fuyang Red Cross rescue team captain Chen Jianming wolf, participated in a lot of disaster rescue, yesterday in the Su Village rescue scene, he was moved by a dirt dog. In a three storey building on the ruins of the Chinese rural dogs constantly attempting to get into the door, saw the rescue team came, it was jumping up and down, seems to want to convey what important information. Chen Jianming arrived at the Su Village on the night of the incident, did not sleep a wink all night, at 8 yesterday morning with a buddy to rescue. Early in the morning to see it lying in ruins." Chen Jianming said, it is a three storey building, landslide after the third floor is flush with the ground, "the two layer is pressed tightly, exposed only tens of centimeters." This is a very common Chinese pastoral dogs, to see someone over, it tried to drill the corridor, but the building was blocked by crossing the ruins, tried several times without success. The rescue team to bring it to a safe place, just hold up, it struggled to escape, his eyes staring at the corridor direction. The players had an idea: is it the owner buried in the following? Fuyang District Red Cross wolves rescue team quickly assembled and quickly fixed range, in the rescue process, the dog is very anxious, "where we dig, it has to face down the drill. The players took it far away, and it soon got over it." Chen Jianming said, participated in so many rescue, he was the first time such a scene touched, I do not know what to say, just want to dig, to save its owner." But it was not until two in the afternoon that the rescue team got nothing. Because of the weather and safety, the rescue team suspended the debris. Zheng Gan, the Quzhou Red Cross rescue team, also saw the special dog yesterday. "When we approached the building, it is very urgent appearance, jump back and forth. I close it, it seems that we are very good, to save lives, going around the floor Ti side, I feel it is let us go to save." Zheng dare try to call it a "blessing", fed it 2 ham sausage, 2 loaves of bread. Zheng said, although not found the owner of the dog, but he was also touched by the behavior of the dog, and the players are very fond of it. After the discussion, the team decided to raise the dog back, and officially named it "blessing". Mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, watch Lishui Suichang frontline rescue相关的主题文章:


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