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Hardware Laptops are small, light weight, portable, and battery powered .puters that can fit into the lap and, hence, they are known by the the name ‘laptop’. The screen size ranges from 14 inches to 20 inches and generally the weight is around 3 kg. Laptops are designed for personal and business use and their performance is no less wonderful than the performance of a desktop. However, they run for a short time period, usually 2-3 hours due to having a power source of batteries. They are more expensive than desktop systems. According to IDC India (a premier global market intelligence firm), the laptop market has established its stronghold in the world. The laptop sales is growing at a much faster rate than projected. It has registered 79% year-on-year growth since 2006. However, laptops can’t wipe out the desktop .puters, because both are designed to meet different consumer segments. This is due to the range for laptop .puters being a wide one in India and also due to the changing of the lifestyle according to the needs of human beings. Although the demand for laptops is a globally visible one, yet the in.e steps in as a purchasing factor. Hence, life for those human beings who despite having the desire for a laptop are unable to purchase it due to lack of funds, is quite an unimaginable one. The current scenario has be.e quite a customer centric one and, therefore, the approach that is now followed by laptop manufacturing .panies is based on the requirements of their customers. For example all the latest laptops created by .panies like Dell, HCL, Apple, Lenovo, Acer, SONY and HP have been designed while keeping in mind the budget of earners, Features of some of them are as follows: 1. DELL: (a) Dell Vostro 1510 has a 2 GB memory card. It is superb for using multiple programs at any time, anywhere. Its price is Rs.36,250 (excluding tax and delivery). (b) In Dell Vostro 1510, One can store more business critical information on a 250 GB Hard Drive. Its price is Rs. 49,150 (excluding tax and delivery) 2. HCL: One of its ‘latest laptops’ which is the HCL Leaptop T39 has approx 2.5 kg weight, 4 GB DDR2 RAM , 320 GB Hard Disk Drive, integrated 2.0 M video camera with dual internal MIC, integrated Bluetooth, 86 keys keyboard etc. It has 1 year warranty and free HCL Sony ear gear. Its price is Rs. 41990. The Indian population is using many ‘Latest Laptops’ created by well known brands and that too at a maximum level of usage to achieve a majority of their requirements. For any person, any decent laptop can add colour to his or her life. They can made one’s life so easy by providing the aspect of automation to a variety of processes in their life. These processes are, however, associated with information technology and can be things like checking e-mails while being on the move, surfing through the Internet. However, affording laptops still creates a question mark in mind of low budget people. Laptop prices are steadily decreasing in India, so if one wants to fulfil his wish of getting a trendy laptop on his lap then he does not have to wait for a long time. ‘Cheap laptops’ are available in the market and if one is thinking of purchasing a laptop then he can purchase any branded laptop at a cheap rate without having a single thought. Dell, HP, Acer, Sony are in the race of offering the cheapest laptops in India. All the big and branded .panies which are offering cheap laptops in India are aware of the taste of Indians. They are, therefore, giving trendy, classy, stylish looks to their laptops. One of the features apart from multiple options in terms of the brand, is the wide range of colours in which cheap laptops .e today. Therefore, irrespective of the brand each and every one of the latest laptops that are there today are capable enough of fulfilling the standard requirements of any user and that too at an affordable price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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