King of the earth! King of kings! Polarization between cities will be intensified quickchm

King of the earth! King of kings! Polarization between cities will be intensified? Jingan Shanghai ZTE national price of the king is the most popular event in the real estate sector last week. Metro holdings vice president Ouyang Jie said, a large number of King appeared, because this year, only half of the supply of land in Shanghai last year, and in addition to get a small number of companies, most developers inventory is not enough. At the same time, we also see that in August this year the land market ispolarized in the hot city "the most expensive land after another, many city has been left out, don’t say" the most expensive land, land revenue is less than other city. As for the first tier cities increasingly expensive land, even Li Jiacheng also lamented that in the current market environment, looking for a reasonable return on real estate investment projects is not easy. Frequent "the most expensive land, real estate is back on the rapid growth of the road sign? Or a dangerous signal? In August 17th, the Department of Fujian real estate speculators rosan ho throw 11 billion yuan to the floor price of more than 100 thousand yuan per square meter grabbed Shanghai Jingan" the most expensive land, public opinion boiling. Outside ridicule said that this will be included in the history of the Chinese property market, the king may soon be the new king of the flooded. Central Plains real estate statistics, said the first half of the country was born, the king has exceeded last year. Despite repeated criticism, still have the most expensive land, unit price or price record has been repeatedly refresh. A copy of the most expensive land "report, from the city of the appearance of" the most expensive land "number, the first 7 months of this year, Shanghai in 20 place, followed by Hangzhou, third Nanjing, fourth Hefei, fifth Wuhan. Which has a first tier cities, there are second tier cities, as well as three or four line cities. Many large enterprises in the net inflow of population as an important benchmark if it into a city, as a typical second tier city policies, resources and facilities and other advantages based on the population gathered, became "the most expensive land of origin". But these "the most expensive land" will become a stepping stone to accelerate the development of the local or city of the future overdraft? Everything remains to be seen of bloodthirsty demons?. The pattern of the city due to major planning and reconstruction of last month, a western developed capital city of the district government has convened a meeting of local land, investment promotion department, the focus is to study how to promote the land to attract developers to actively bid. At that time, the district voted to promote the relevant departments responsible person told the daily economic news reporter, the county has a lot of competition, the place does not sell, not to go on financial income. At present, it is domestic district level government to land finance and demanding a typical microcosm. The famous economist Liu also told reporters that economists had written a book on the mystery of China’s economic development, the core content is the county’s economic competition to promote China’s economic growth. In fact, the city also has been looking for benchmarking, secretly competition. Look at the country, according to the commonly known as the traditional "Guangzhou Shenzhen 4 first-tier cities, at present from many media reports," go deep "is widely spread, from multiple hard indicators, Guangzhou has been overtaken by Shenzhen. However, according to the Nanfang Daily reported earlier, the State Council of Guangzhou’s new positioning is an important central city, international trade center and integrated transport hub. National positioning for the first time in Guangzhou.相关的主题文章:


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