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Politics Joseph Biden is the democratic candidate for Vice President in the 2008 election with Presidential candidate Barack Obama. He has been a Delaware senator since 1973 and is known for being one of the youngest senators ever elected. He was born Friday, November 20, 1942 and only thirty years old when he was elected into the senate. Joe Biden is generally known for being a humane candidate. Most people believe he is .passionate, stemming from losing his wife and children in a car accident years ago. Ironically though, Joe Biden has a very dark chart. It is possible that rumors of an Barack Obama murder plot concocted by this Senator might very well be in the realm of possibility, though it was only a casual joke or remark made by Senator Biden at one point! His chart points to someone who also has a very dark and sarcastic sense of humor. Senator Biden is a major Scorpio and plays his cards very close to his chest. Like many celebrities, Joe Biden has a stellium (more than three planets in one sign) in his chart. He has four planets in Scorpio, meaning that this is not a man to be messed with. He has the sun, Venus, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio. This line up speaks of pure power, as Scorpios are very good at politics, but they are ruthless when crossed! This many planets in Scorpio would also account for his incredible charisma. In fact, another person with these exact planets in his chart was Charles Manson, which does make one ponder what might have really gone on with that alleged murder plot accusation. Joe Biden also has three planets in Leo; this makes him a force to be reckoned with socially and gives him the know how to pull strings. Chiron is also in there, so he is a proud individual as well. Pluto and Saturn are also in this house, but these planets are not in a good position in the seventh house. This might account for the disaster that Joe Biden had with his family. Senator Biden’s Pluto also opposes two asteroids that symbolize the feminine principle, which is in his first house. The loss of his wife is actually depicted in his first house. Neptune in is eighth house of marriage, which also means that he is still very connected to his wife from The Other Side. Biden appears to have a bit of psychic ability, which also would serve him well in the senate. One of Senator Biden’s saving graces is that his moon is in Taurus, making him very steady and reliable. Biden has also survived a great deal of personal pain and loss with great dignity, so there is no doubt he would make a very honorable and respected statesman should he be.e elected into The White House. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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