Jobs In Banking Are Being Impacted By The Credit

Business Jobs in the banking industry are being impacted in a negative way by the Credit Crunch. The Credit Crunch is making it harder for people to get loans. People are having a harder time getting loans for homes, cars, and to start new businesses. Another less thought of problem is how hard it’s going to be for students to get student loans. For several people who already hold mortgages, they are losing their homes because they can’t afford their mortgages. The banking industry is being hit hard. It’s not just a United States banking problem. It’s a worldwide banking problem. The whole pla. is concerned with what’s going to happen to the banking industry. The Royal Bank of Scotland has had to cut at least two hundred jobs in their debt and investment banking departments. Bank of America has had to cut a huge amount of it’s workers. Nearly three thousand Bank of America employees are now out of work. The list of banks cutting employees can go on and on. With so many people being weary of traditional banks they are turning to alternative sources for their banking needs. One source they are turning to in rapid numbers is to the Credit Union. People are feeling safer going to Credit Unions over their regular banks. Some customers feel the Credit Union structure is better after seeing what has happened to traditional banks this past year. With so many people not being able to make their mortgage payments, banks are holding on to a lot of bad debt. There are banks that are haveing to resort to selling themselves to banks that are willing to take on their bad debt. Harder qualification rules are making it almost impossible for people starting out to get a home loan. It doesn’t seem like there is much help available anymore with the credit freezing up. Car sales are so bad that Burd Ford in Indiana had a buy 1 Ford F 150 get one Ford F 150 free. Some car lots are having to shut down. To-be college bound students and their families are wondering if they’re going to be able to get a loan for their education. With less loans being available, it’s inevitable that banking jobs are being hit hard. Hopefully with the bailout plan there will be a silver lining. Hopefully it won’t be much longer for the credit to thaw out a little and trickle down so that money will get to flowing once again. Maybe when the credit gets flowing again some of the people who have lost their jobs will be able to get them back. But until then, several banking and bank related jobs are in danger. Especially those in the debt and investment departments. Copyright (c) 2010 Ianson About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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