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Jinshan folder, a run off "Tongtian road" – Beijing Oriental Network reporter Wei Zheng reported in September 12th that the nearest town is south of jiajinshan Qiaoqi Township, in September 11th, "long road to well-off society" network media "go turn change" journalists came here to visit a leading local people out of poverty the rich "leader" — Yang Zhaojun. Photo caption: Yang Zhaojun was born in the village of gold in the village of Jinshan under the clip, he grew up in the story of the Red Army in the young, nurtured by the red culture of the. In 2010, Yang Zhaojun was directly elected by the public for Qiaoqi Tibetan Xiang GA on the village Party branch secretary, multi-party fund-raising 1 million 100 thousand yuan, hardening of the road of the village, the road tractor household ", breaking the past village poor infrastructure predicament. "4.20" after the Lushan earthquake, he could not take into account the serious loss of their own, to provide free tools to clear the Qiaoqi Baoxing Road, also launched the friends of 20 people, tents near the county highway 210 line next to the affected people, disaster relief team, volunteers provided free of charge, love food time for a month. The first time he pay special membership dues 10 thousand yuan. Under his leadership, gari village donated 6 yuan, is the largest in the county village of donation. Since then, in the county, under the leadership of the government, Yang Zhaojun took the lead in action, led by the village people built the first animal husbandry Ya’an earthquake stricken areas, and then gradually start, together with the previous results, a total built three mu Road, opened the village herdsmen industrial disaster rich sky road, everyone’s income improved. Herdsmen in the past from the foot of the mountain to the ranch on the mountain takes two or three days to see the cattle is very poor, encountered bad weather, herdsmen carrying rations to go to the mountains can not see the cattle, rations had to eat back again. "Now get up in the morning and see the weather is good, I will ride a motorcycle up the mountain, the cattle optimistic, can come back in the evening." Yang Zhaojun said, the traffic is convenient, the price of yak also rose up, talk about a good price, ready to go up the mountain to install the cow." However, to mend the sky road is not easy, when people are living a conventional life, some villagers occupied the woods, it is difficult to do the work. "This road has been repaired from 2180 meters above sea level to the level of 3960 meters," Yang Zhaojun recalled. "When it came to a dangerous area, several excavators were running.". In the face of various resistance, he chose in a nice hobble teeth to overcome these difficulties, in four excavator master, finally eating a piece of bones". "Folder Jinshan, Jinshan folder, birds fly, however, men do not dare to climb, to cross the Jinshan, unless it is immortal." In 1935, the lack of clothes and diet of the Central Red Army in support of the people of all ethnic groups in Baoxing strong will climb the hill to climb out of the natural barrier, the Kuomintang reactionaries besieged. The Central Red Army via Baoxing, from June 7, 1935 to June 18th entry exit the main force, although only a short period of 12 days, but to Baoxing left a very precious spiritual wealth, that is: unity, courage, courage, be endlessly revolutionary heroism spirit. Today, the village population.相关的主题文章:


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