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Reference-and-Education College education is the most important phase of life. A student gets to learn a number of things in his college life, which helps him move further with a right prospective and a fixed career goal. College is always supposed to be an institution, which trains the students for different phases of life and makes him .patible of different people and to face the .petition in life ahead. There are a number of colleges and institutes in India, which provides students with courses in different subjects and fields. The colleges are aimed to make students succeed in their arenas of interest and provide expertise to the students with the help of all latest technologies. When an institution, college or a teacher provides education to the students, then its his right to check, whether the same is being grasped by the student or not. Exams from the very beginning have been the prime source to check the students learning power and the knowledge they have obtained from the classroom sessions. Other than the written exams, the students are tested by giving them assignments and projects. Courses in management, .munications, medical sciences, engineering, .puter applications, has a number of projects in their curriculum. The assignments allotted to the students are to make them aware of the latest developments and make them research about the different new topics, which are directed at increasing their knowledge about the subjects. In fact many colleges today have separate marks for the projects and assignments, which are added in the final exams. The marks for the final exams are obviously very important for the students and their career, due to which they are very cautious about the projects and assignments given to them. In the colleges of India, there is a fixed schedule for the projects and the topics, which are given to the students. There is a set of topics, out of which the students can choose a subject, according to their convenience, after which they are required to make a .prehensive report about the subject. The students need to do a proper research to be able to present a broad perspective about the topic. Most of the projects are to be given in the form of presentations, well formatted and structured in a way that it is understandable to even a lay man. The education in the colleges today, is said to be very lengthy and in- depth process, because the students are made to study all the aspects of their subject and have a good flair on everything related to the field. In colleges or universities, a group of students is assigned with different topics and they are asked to present those topics in front of the whole class. By doing this exercise, all the students in a class get to learn different new things and add value to their education. Projects and assignments given to the group of students, also helps the students to learn the skills if working in a team. It is extremely essential for the future of the students to have learnt the skills of teamwork. The productivity of a project or an assignment automatically increases with more than one brain working on the same project. Colleges for engineering or management are very much particular about the assignments and projects given to the students. The projects can be for one day, one week or even for a month, depending on the importance and the relevance of the subject. The internships or training in management and .munication courses are also a part of the projects given to the students hailing from these fields. Therefore the students should take these assignments seriously and make the best use of it to polish their mind and gain valuable information from the process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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