ICBC and McDonald’s official two-dimensional code payment cooperation

ICBC and McDonald’s officially launched a two-dimensional code payment cooperation since September 22nd the industrial and Commercial Bank of China ICBC two-dimensional code payment will be officially supported in the country more than 2000 McDonald’s stores consumption. Customers purchase meals, only the cashier or self-service machines to sweep the two-dimensional code to pay ICBC, instantly. At the same time, every Thursday, Sunday for ICBC to pay two-dimensional code customers with arbitrary spending 30 yuan up by 15 yuan discount promotions will continue until November 6, 2016. It is reported that the cooperation between the industrial and Commercial Bank of China and McDonald’s, the bank will pay the product into the daily life of consumers dining scenes, through the integration of financial and living to further enhance the consumer. Since July 15th this year launched the first domestic banking sweep yards payment products, ICBC paid a two-dimensional code by the community wide concern, products using international leading token (TOKEN) technology for dynamic variation of the transaction in the process of information, the effective protection of customer funds and information security, and is compared with other scan code payment products as a convenience, but more security. At the same time, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the only global and China UnionPay, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, to six kcal total brand cooperation bank, ICBC two-dimensional code payment is expected in the fourth quarter of this year, he fully supports ICBC bank card binding, the future will support the overseas bank card customers, products of the general the advantage will be further reflected. According to reports, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China conform to the trend of Internet banking, has been built up with e e, melting melting, melting e purchase "three platform" as the main body, with E payment, financing, investment and financial management "three major product lines based on e-ICBC architecture. ICBC is the two-dimensional code to pay ICBC E payment system in a new product, it is part of the e-ICBC strategy. ICBC will pay two-dimensional code of traditional financial services through the Internet, for the majority of small and medium business services, let Small and micro businesses to enjoy more of the big state-owned banks more professional, efficient and convenient financial services.相关的主题文章:


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