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Hubei this town is so beautiful in want of perfection? Mentioned in the beautiful city of Hubei, most of them will expect more and more known as Enshi, or because of the famous Yichang Three Gorges dam. However, the province of lake beauty, but also far more than these? On May 23rd, Premier Li Keqiang visited Hubei to visit Shiyan, the prime minister and the public say: "Shiyan is a good place, picturesque scenery!" And what is the charm of this small town in Hubei, the prime minister said it? Shiyan, a city born of cars, is far from that. Everyone understands the Shiyan is not the same, Shiyan picturesque scenery, old times, "mountains, water, car city" the three name card of chicago. Photography. Gcwzx this is a young and old city, do not know how many people are yearning for, live charm! Danjiangkou reservoir — Asia’s first large artificial lake Danjiangkou reservoir is the source of "diversion" location, water rich, known as "the biggest man-made lake in Asia", is the "Asian Tianchi" reputation, a landscape of lakes and mountains lavish extraordinary. Kaoshanchishan by water draft. Living in the Hanjiang River Basin of Shiyan, will Richuerzuo riruerxi, fishing, eat fish. Danjiangkou Reservoir beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, summer holidays, leisure and entertainment, is an ideal place to return to nature. At the beginning of the summer, here Yuanshanjinshui, thorough clear, an exquisite scenery. Walking in the town, running water, Yiyi weeping willow, let you forget the troubles, enjoy quiet. Danjiangkou ring highway ecological environmental protection highway Danjiangkou ring highway ecological environmental protection road, across Danjiangkou, Yunxian, Yunxi, Wudang Mountains four, up to 429 km. Base ring road construction purpose is the construction of "three quarters of flowering seasons see green, well-proportioned, combining distance" green corridor, the ancient capital of Yunxian in the spring and Autumn period and the way of elk, rape flowers qianmutian. Drive in such a way that is really good to hear or see!!!!!! Shiyan is a natural oxygen bar, because the mountains and beautiful Wudang Mountains to Shiyan, will go to Wudang Mountains; to the Wudang Mountains, must go to the palace. Andy is a symbol of Wudang Mountains, and the palace building regulations of the same class. The whole is the copper and gold, spent 200 thousand pounds of copper and 300 kg of gold, exquisite craft. The spring Wudang Mountains exudes a fresh breath, and then the Zixiao Temple exudes a sense of history. Wudang Mountains is one of the most existing Zixiao Temple complete palace, is one of the most beautiful places in the world here, combining architecture and natural history of ancient wisdom and aesthetics. Rock stone temple, "cliff hanging Palace", in Chinese building is a must. The artisans skillfully by topography, mountains and rocks, the individual refined form a compact construction, change radically well-proportioned buildings, considerable momentum. Different seasons, different times, in Wudang Mountains to see the scenery is not the same, we need to carefully read the world cultural heritage. Standing on Wudang Mountains, the mountain is surrounded by a sea of clouds, the sky clouds and clouds in the mountains and clouds mosaic, the wind drift, sometimes like Ten thousand steeds gallop., like the sea shore, wave peak Chung, splash, surf, the whole landscape consists of a landscape painting. Longshan Saiwudang Saiwudang formerly known as V, lord.相关的主题文章:


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