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Internet-and-Business-Online So you want to learn how to start an internet business with no money? In the old days, as recent as 1995, if you wanted to start a business you had to spend thousands of dollars to get started. You paid for land, utilities, products, an office and all sorts of other startup costs. Then the internet changed it all. Today you can start an internet business for next to nothing and build up your company for millions of dollars. Since starting my how to start an internet business advice site I had come across hundreds of stories of people that started out with nothing, set up an internet business with next to nothing and now do millions of dollars a year in sales. Some have even gone on to have their companies acquired for 10+ Million dollars (Ill write an article soon on how to buy a business). Bringing things back to earth, you have no money and you want to start an internet business so you can: a)Leave your job b)You just lost your job c)Pay your bills month to month d)Earn a nice living e)Be able to set your own schedule f)Be able to work from anywhere in the world on your laptop or a few of the above reasons. Either way, dont panic, youre not alone. I too started out with no money built up successful internet companies and so I know how to start an internet business with no money! Here is how to start an internet business with no money: Decide what market or niche you want to be in by doing some fun brainstorming. What do you enjoy doing? What markets interest you? What type of business do you want to have? This is free! Do some market research using the Google Keyword Tool to see how many people are searching for help in the market that you are thinking about entering. Using the keyword tool you can see how many people are searching for each search term on Google every month. This too is free. Once you have chosen the market and type of business you want to start its time to choose a name. I wouldnt recommend naming your business after yourself. Create a name that shows potential customers how you help them out. Speak to their needs. Take this name and buy a domain from Godaddy or another domain company. A domain will cost you no more than $10. Search on Google for Godaddy coupon codes before you buy and you will find some coupon codes that will save you as much as 50%. You will need a place to host your website files online. Think of it as a file folder but on the internet. This is called hosting. You need to buy a hosting account so your website will show up when someone types in .yoursite… I re.mend Hostgator as they are the cheapest and have the best customer service. This will cost you no more than $8 per month. Youve got your domain, now its time to set up a website. The best type of site to set up is a WordPress website. WordPress is the worlds most used website platform and its totally free. You can just go to the wordpress website and download WordPress from there. Or if you use one of the major hosting .panies, they can set up wordpress for you, just call their customer support and ask. Now that you have a website you need to design it. There are thousands of free wordpress designs online. They are called WordPress themes. Just Google wordpress themes and you will find thousands. They are very easy to add to your website and they too are free. Now that your website is up you can start driving traffic to it for FREE using social media like twitter and facebook. You can get free traffic from Google through doing SEO on your site. You can post articles like this one. You can post on message forums and make .ments on blogs. You can use social bookmarking site. Tons of traffic = free. If you want to start an online business you will want to set up an email list so you can keep in touch with your visitors. There are websites out there like Aweber.. that will manager your email list and pre program in messages to be sent to them. This is called an autoresponder. Autoresponders are as inexpensive as $9 per month! So that is how you start an inter. business with no money. If you follow the steps that I just laid out you too can start a very profitable inter. business from home with no money. Its that easy! The total cost here is $5 to start and $17 per month. If you think you cant afford that it is the same as 2 coffees at Starbucks each month. You can afford it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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