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E.merce How to make money on the Internet is a question thousands of people ask every day. Many are drawn to online niche marketing which is radically promoted as a way to make real money on the web. Are all the stories of financial success true, or is niche marketing just a concept that does not work but has been hyped up to con us all and sell packages that do not work? Is the Internet version different from bricks and mortar niche marketing? Is it easier, more profitable, less risky? Is it worth investing time, money, or effort in such a venture? Probably many of the so-called success stories are empty hype, but that does not mean that the concept is not real. It is a reality that there are always people wanting to buy specific products for which there are no established markets. It is also true that big businesses are not interested in catering to those people – because they (big businesses) do not believe they can make enough money to justify what they have to outlay to attract the customers. So in essence, there are a lot of untapped markets available for the entrepreneur to develop. In a bricks and mortar case scenario, niche marketing can be very risky. The owner has costly overheads of rent, shop fittings, telephone, salaries, advertising etc. and in any particular physical area there may not be a large enough concentration of potential customers to draw from, because the product is unusual. All too often, entrepreneurs use up their life savings or take out costly business loans to set up business which seem attractive on paper but are in fact unrealistic. How often does one see stores opening and tragically closing within months because the owner could draw enough customers to sustain the business? But the online scenario is a different story altogether. Firstly, location and passing traffic (which can be the deciding factors for success in brick and mortar) are taken out of the equation. Another big plus is that there are very few set-up costs or maintenance overheads. An e-.merce website can be set up for the cost of hosting the domain (good hosts provide excellent website building tools free with a contract) and money does not have to be spent on buying products to display, or on shop fittings. Perhaps the most costly elements of any business are the advertising and promotion, but websites can be promoted very effectively and for free, provided one understands Search Engine Optimization. Even if one does not understand it, there is plenty of free and available information on the web. As for customers, they can be drawn from around the world, and because they are actively looking for what they want over the Internet, they can be reached. Also, the potential size of the market can be accurately researched. So the risk of setting up an online niche marketing business is practically zero and the capacity to draw customers is excellent. Stress and pressure are eliminated. These are two other major factors in businesses folding! Without doubt, online niche marketing is a very good recipe for success, and it is a lot easier than its bricks and mortar counterpart. However, as with any business, the amount of work one puts into it is what will determine how successful one is in the long run. One can either establish this kind of online business by researching each individual .ponent that is necessary: there is plenty of free information on the web. It is a very laborious and sometimes confusing way of introducing oneself to business, but it is free and the more one learns the easier the process, so all one really needs is patience and persistence. The other option is to make a minimal investment in a product that provides all the information in one package. Usually such products provide a money-back guarantee, so for the serious entrepreneur this investment is not a huge risk. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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